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The Pitt is the 2nd DLC for Fallout 3 which was released in March 2009. Unlike the 1st add-on called Operation: Anchorage, this one allows you to explore another part of the post-nuclear USA in the real world. The Pitt takes action in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania where old pre-War factories work again. Fans and critics appreciate this DLC due to the dark atmosphere of a large industrial city, really dramatic plot, and impressive details.

The Pitt features dozens of new items including armor, weapons and miscellaneous objects. This DLC takes from 3 to 5 hours to complete its 3 main quests. There are also 3 unmarked missions and 1 repeatable task. You can start this add-on whenever you want after leaving Vault 101. Also, you can return to Pittsburg multiple times after completing its main story. The Pitt is available in Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition with all other add-ons.

Let’s dive into The Pitt without further ado!


Pittsburg wasn’t attacked directly during the Great War. However, radiation and polluted environment influenced Pennsylvania as well as all other states. Citizens were highly affected by irradiated water and air. A lot of humans in Pittsburg turned into mutants, so now the city is full of wildmen and trogs who have no brain literally. Almost all the time after the Great War Pittsburg existed without centralized government.

About 20 years before the action of original Fallout 3 the squad of Brotherhood paladins marched through The Pitt. Brave guys in power armor led by Owyn Lyons eliminated every human and mutant who tried to fight with them. Brotherhood of Steel completely destroyed raider forces in Pittsburg without a single loss. Only one paladin was marked as missing and, probably, dead. This paladin’s name was Ishmael Ashur.

From that time nobody in the Capital Wasteland heard news from The Pitt. Expeditions and adventurers who traveled there didn’t return…

Story and quests

After installing The Pitt you will receive an in-game notification via your Pip-Boy with info about new radio signal. Listen to it to hear the voice of Wernher, one of The Pitt’s slaves who want to attract the attention of survivors outside Pennsylvania. Wernher will claim that bosses of The Pitt discovered a cure that can protect humans from radiation. Slaves want to beat off this cure and overthrow the government. You can help rioters. Or help slavers led by Ishmael Ashur.

The Lone Wanderer can enter The Pitt without his gear but with regular equipment of slaves. Pittsburg is a really hellish place where a few masters control gangs of raiders and hundreds of slaves. People here work in factories located in Downtown. Masters live in well-guarded part named Uptown. There is also The Hole where slaves and newcomers like the Lone Wanderer fight for their lives and freedom.

All in all, The Pitt is terrible but you will like this place! Developers did wonderful work to create such atmospheric location. Everything here is real. You believe in slaves’ stories, you trust their charismatic leaders, you hate cruel masters and, especially, the boss of bosses, Ashur. After several hours of exploring The Pitt, you will change this opinion. That’s the main advantage of this DLC as you will face truly difficult moral choices. It’s only up to you!

The main story includes only 3 quests:

  • Into The Pitt.

The very start of this add-on attracts your attention with a radio signal. Follow it to find Wernher and start your journey. Pittsburg can be reached by the old train tunnel which you can enter after acquiring a slave’s outfit. Don’t hope to enter The Pitt like a hero so far as all of your equipment will be confiscated. There is only one ending of this quest when raiders catch the Lone Wanderer and enslave him. Sad, but true.

  • Unsafe Working Conditions.

It’s the longest and the most interesting part of The Pitt. After reaching this town you can interact with Midea who is the unofficial leader of slaves. But in the middle of your dialogue, one of The Pitt’s raiders will break into Midea’s house only to buy you. To feel the plight of slaves you must work on the steelyard full of mutants and collect there at least 10 steel ingots. Then you have to enter The Hole and fight for your freedom as it’s the only way to approach Ashur.

  • Free Labor.

The last main mission finally offers you a significant moral choice. The boss of The Pitt, Ashur, will ask you for killing Wernher as he is dangerous. Leaders of the slave’s rebellion, however, claim that you have to find and steal a cure. Then, obviously, you will be asked for killing Ashur itself. Who will be the new leader? Or that will be the old one? Choose!

There are also unmarked and repeatable quests:

  • Mill Worker. Find not only necessary 10 steel ingots but all 100 valuables. This task can award you with various cool armor, weapons, and consumables.
  • Wild Bill’s Last Stand. Reveal the story of the lost slave who went to the steelyard.
  • Slave Snitch. Inform Brand, the Ashur’s servant, about your plans.
  • Toys for Tots. Bring teddy bears to Sandra or Midea. This is the only repeatable quest.


There are several places to visit in this add-on:

  1. Train yard.

The first location you will reach is the old and abandoned depot. Rails are destroyed, the main building felt into the toxic river several years ago, and only a small gang of raiders waits here. This checkpoint is designed only to prevent runaways as well as to «welcome» guests.

  1. Bridge.

To enter The Pitt you should pass the bridge controlled by wildmen. The almost entire bridge is mined, so Light Step perk will be useful here. Hostile dogs and snipers wait for newcomers, but The Pitt’s raiders gather only near the entrance. And, yes, the river here is highly poisoned!

  1. Downtown.

It’s the gloomy location where most of the slaves live. Downtown can be conditionally divided into two different parts. Slaves’ homes are near the ground when raiders occupy upper floors. Armed men control their victims from the above. The Hole is also in Downtown.

  1. Steelyard.

The giant abandoned area where only wildmen and trogs can survive. It’s the main center of steel production, so bosses of The Pitt send slaves to work here. Most the local workers die here after clashing with feral mutants or falling from numerous balconies.

  1. Uptown.

The main district of The Pitt is controlled by raiders and their bosses. Uptown is well-guarded and protected, here are a lot of street lights, and raiders’ patrols. You can access this location only after winning several fights in The Hole. Raiders will not be hostile, at first.

  1. Haven.

Both the plaza and the skyscraper on it are named Haven. There is a huge highlighted monument on the plaza that protects Uptown from trogs. Ishmael Ashur with his family lives in this skyscraper. The desired cure is also located there.


Since there are numerous items in the DLC we will cover only the most noticeable ones.

Armor and clothing category includes outfits of slaves and raiders. Some unique items provide nice bonuses, e.g. +5 to Small Guns from Hat of the People or +1 to Charisma from Leather Rebel. The most valuable item here is Ashur’s power armor which grants +1 to Luck, Charisma, and Strength as well as +10 to radiation resist. And it has a brahmin skull on its left shoulder.

Weapons category feature mostly items for melee fights. The coolest weapon you can acquire in The Pitt is the auto axe. This wonderful item is similar to the steel saw but it’s more powerful. There are also unique versions of it called Man Opener and The Mauler. When it comes to ranged weapons you want to grab silenced assault rifles called infiltrators or their unique version – Perforator. Also, find Metal Blaster which is an improved laser rifle.

Download The Pitt and explore the grim world of post-nuclear Pennsylvania!

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