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No trend has left its mark on the world like video games have done in recent years. Virtually every area of entertainment has had some sort of influence from video games. Each year, many movies are based around video game franchises, like the recent Resident Evil movie reboot. Television series based around video games are also popular; Netflix adapted League of Legends into Arcane, a series so popular that before the end of the first season the second one was confirmed. Also on Netflix, the Witcher series starring Henry Cavill has garnered a huge following. Even sports have been influenced by video games, and nowadays online sports are a reality. 

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As mentioned on the Dr. Apuestas site - Esports has made a significant mark in Latin America, being the fastest-growing region in the esports market. The stability of the esports ecosystem depends on many factors, and while the structure was lacking a decade ago, nowadays brands, publishers, leagues, and teams related to esports work as one, pitching into the foundation of the product. Investors, international managers, and major leagues keep on showing up, bringing new ways of knowing and reaching the fanbase. The strong investment from the private sector is also part of the reason for esports becoming a profitable, continuously growing industry in the Latin American market.

Opportunities Around The World


The professional gaming stage around the globe is ripe with entertainment opportunities for fans and fame for players. The fighting games genre is one of the oldest rings in the hands of professional gaming and as such, the amount of tournaments held is quite high. Let's take a look at some of the most important ones.

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Evolution Championship Series (EVO)

One of the oldest and most famous fighting games tournaments in e-sports guides, the EVO series has been with us ever since 1996. A tournament that caters exclusively to fighting games, the EVO tournament has been held annually without fail, first in Sunnyvale, California and then it moved to Las Vegas. Known at the beginning as "Battle by the Bay'', it started as a 40 man elimination tournament exclusive to two Street Fighters titles, Super Street Fighter II Turbo and Street Fighter Alpha 2. Some of the favorite esports games in the fighting genre have their highest tier competition in this tournament, with the most popular titles being the Street Fighter, Super Smash Bros, and Guilty Gear competitions.  The EVO series has been the focus of some of the most famous moments in professional gaming history.

GENESIS Tournament

Appearing for the first time in the gaming world in July, 2009, the GENESIS fighting tournament is one of the most important Super Smash Bros tournaments in the world. At that time, the GENESIS tournament was the largest Smash Bros Melee in the world and the fifth for Smash Bros Brawl. The Tournament has been held semi-annually since 2009, with the seventh edition held this year.

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Gaming Titles That Make History

Many different gaming titles make the list of each particular tournament, yet some titles undoubtedly have the heart of fans and professional players alike. Let's now take a look at some of the most important and popular fighting games in history.

Mortal Kombat

A game series that needs no introduction, the Mortal Kombat saga has set its name in stone in the fighting game universe. First launched in 1992 by Ed Boon and John Tobias, Mortal Kombat was the first game to revolutionize the fighting genre by introducing blood, gore, and savagery in their fights. A controversial title at the beginning of its run, Mortal Kombat has grown to become a franchise comprising video games, movies, series, comics, and much more. Its standing in the professional gaming world is undisputed, as almost every major fighting tournament has a Mortal Kombat section.

Street Fighter

Another series that needs no presentation, it's safe to say that the Street Fighter saga has modeled what modern fighting games are. The first game came in 1987 to quite a good reception from the gaming community at the time, yet it was Street Fighter II: The World Warrior in 1991 that forever changed gaming. The series popularity at the time was so high, that several movie adaptations and even anime series were created. The series popularity remains in present times, as few to no tournaments are held without a section for Street Fighter players.

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A World Of Skill


These are just a few of the tournaments and titles that have made history in the gaming world, yet many more remain, including The King of Fighters, Super Smash Bros, the Casablanca World Fighters, and the SNK World Championships.  These and many more titles and tournaments cater to the eyes of fans around the globe. This list is only the beginning of a world of entertainment for our readers.

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