Street Fighter V Gameplay

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Street Fighter V, just like its predecessors has a classical 2D fighting games gameplay with different abilities and combinations to beat their opponents. Players gather V-Gauge bar with simple attacks and combos which they can use for special V-Skills that are more powerful. For example M. Bison can deflect projectiles if timed well. The stun meter that has been in the game since Street Fighter III is now visible under the health pool bar, it stuns opponent briefly when filled up. That pushes players to play more offensively when they see that the bar is nearly full. Interactive Arena's is another new feature with Street Fighter V. The game had 16 characters at launch, and now has and astounding amount of 34 characters. Even though amount of the characters is high for a fighting game, they are all unique and brings different play styles. There are new characters that were not in Street Fighter franchise before. Despite the game having classic 2D setting, the visuals are nothing short of an amazing, paired with Interactive Arena's, stunning art style, characters dialogue's and animations, Street Fighter V brings an incredible gaming experience and allows to feel a part of the Street Fighter world. To see gameplay action with the iconic Street Fighter character Ryu, you can watch the video provided below.

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