What Will New Online Gaming Look Like In 2021?

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Image: Pixabay

The video game industry is thriving despite the economic uncertainty caused by COVID-19 This is because people have been in desperate need of entertainment during the bleak days of lockdown.

But what does this upturn mean for the future of gaming? With life forecasted to produce waves of uncertainty around the globe, we look to see what it has in store for one of the most successful industries in modern time.

Read on to discover what online gaming is set to look like in 2021 and how you will enjoy the games you love.

Expect video game streaming sites to diversify

Once upon a time, Twitch possessed a near-monopoly over live streaming in the video game industry. But, as this medium has grown over the past few years it has been met by stiff competition and challengers to the throne.

Today YouTube is the biggest threat to Twitch after Google announced a multi-year partnership that would make its acquisition the exclusive streaming partner for eSports leagues such as Call of Duty and Overwatch. This means that Twitch has lost a lot of ground, along with some of its most popular content.

Furthermore, even social media giants like Facebook are getting in on the action by signing up a string of content creators to boost its Facebook gaming platform. So, what does 2021 have in store for live streaming? A whole lot of competition is the answer. Hopefully, with so many options, the big winner will be the consumer.

Newly popular online casinos will adapt to safety regulations

2020 has shown online casinos have the potential to replace real-life gambling in 2021. With casino doors shut and many live sports left on pause, more people are playing online casinos than ever before.

In part, this is because a typical new online casino is offering more live games to play from the comfort of your home — and looking at a range of new online casinos in particular, these platforms are offering a variety of live games to meet consumer demand. From roulette to high stake poker tournaments, the virtual world is rapidly encroaching on real-life.

With this newfound popularity comes scope to change and adapt the industry through innovation. Though the physical presence of a casino is in decline, as we can see there are many apps and digital counterparts to take its place.

With that said, online casinos must be regulated differently going forward. While the gambling industry was economically buoyant during lockdown, they were also met with criticism for their attitude regarding frequent gamblers and addicts.

After witnessing sharp spikes in gambling addiction throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the Gambling Commission has introduced a self-exclusion scheme called GAMESTOP to help players moderate their own gameplay. The commission has also exercised its powers and suspended 2 operators who’ve refused to participate in the new program.

However, this should be the beginning of wholesale changes that seek to achieve a safer, more fun way to gamble. Keep an eye out for further measures to be introduced in 2021.

We will find new ways to play our favourite games

Gaming is on the rise even during a global pandemic, and much of this can be credited to the rise of digital distribution services, making games more accessible so long as you have a reliable internet connection.

Digital gaming from the likes of Playstation Store and steam have witnessed a 26% increase in sales. Which shows — much to the dismay of disc playing purists — the convenience of the online world is taking over the way we purchase and play our video games.

Looking forward to the new console generation and we can only see this trend continuing, with Sony going as far as to release a digital version of the Playstation 5 at a lower price point than its disc drive wearing counterpart.

Further on again and perhaps we see the negation of hardware entirety as the cloud takes over our living rooms. The gaming industry has been trying to crack the code to streaming services for years, with Google Stadia being the most recent attempt. But, soon enough we could be playing games like we watch our favourite shows on Netflix. Only time will tell.

The state of online gaming is looking optimistic for 2021 even considering the economic fallout from coronavirus. It is an industry that continues to be adaptable and grow with technology. So long as we keep advancing in the respect, as will gaming.

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