PC Games With a Jungle Theme

Escape to the depths of the jungle with these brilliant PC games.
Escape to the depths of the jungle with these brilliant PC games.

Sometimes you want to kick back, relax and escape from it all with a video game. Most of us like to from time to time, but what if you really want to escape? There is a plethora of video games that all claim to transport you to another place and allow you to indulge in your escapism for a while. In some of them, you might enjoy the magic of a total fantasy world or the tranquillity of a beachside game, but those who want an adventure in nature should head straight for the jungle games. There's something primeval about being surrounded by such dense and unyielding foliage. So, without further ado, here are some of the most brilliant PC games that will transport you straight to the jungle.

Green Hell

We're kicking off with a tough one here, that really captures the darker side of the jungle. So, if your idea of escapism is escaping your real world problems only to dive into a world full of unimaginably more terrifying ones, then Green Hell might just be the game for you. This game tests your survival instincts to the max as it plunges you right into the heart of the Amazonian rainforest. You're stranded, completely alone with only your wits to save you. This title from Creepy Jar really emphasises the psychological terrors of isolation in a wild place. You need to keep yourself safe from animals, well fed and watered, and sheltered come nightfall. It might sound easy in a forest, what with it being such an abundant place, but poisonous plants, deadly snakes and the threat of biting insects is enough to send anyone into a panic. If you can keep your cool under pressure, then you'll love this trek into the most unforgiving of forests.

Jungle Spirit, Call of the Wild

If Green Hell sounds like your idea of actual hell, then you might want something a little lighter to take your mind off it. Jungle Spirit, Call of the Wild, is available to play at this legal online casino in Pennsylvania. It takes a slot machine approach to an adventure in the jungle, which is a good deal less terrifying than Green Hell. The soundtrack is evocative of a dark and dangerous jungle, with the beating of drums and the occasional sound of a jaguar's breath. The reels feature some well-known jungle animals such as elephants, bears, and snakes. The graphics are cute and cheerful, and the gameplay is super simple, so if you're looking for an altogether friendlier jungle to escape to, this could be a good one.

Planet Zoo

Sticking to the theme of friendlier jungles, Planet Zoo offers you the chance to get up close to some jungle animals. There are plenty of other biomes to choose from too, but for this we'll stick to animals that live in the jungle and forests. You can build the zoo of your dreams, look after the guest's needs, and help to conserve rare and endangered animals through your breeding efforts. You could create the jungles of Asia, filled with giant pandas and red pandas. You could mimic the forests of Europe with lynxes and wolves. You could create the jungles of Africa with chimpanzees and gorillas, or even South America with tapirs and aardvarks. The choice is completely yours, which is one of the things that makes this game so exciting for the escapist gamer.

Far Cry 3

A quick dive back into the foreboding jungle with a mention for Far Cry 3. This game is one of the original jungle survival games and, though it doesn't focus entirely on the jungle as it's setting, the place certainly plays a big part. In this game you'll find jungle animals, some of which are more scared of you than you are of them, some of which, not so much. This series has been going for a while now, so it's a good idea to pick up an earlier version if you're looking to save some money.

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