You can play these games and more on your console/PC without having to download them!

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Recently, Sony has released a very cool feature for their beloved playstation users. Since lately there had been a big trend around monthly payment schemes that give you access to numerous games, which are usually paid for, yet with these schemes you don't need to. For example Apple made Apple Arcade, Xbox have the Xbox Game Pass, and Sony have Playstation Now.


On PS Now, one can view and play hundreds of games for just as little as 10 dollars a month. PS Now users can either download these games or even stream them online! However, streaming games online requires a solid internet connection, so if your connection isn’t strong enough, quality will drop and your game might be delayed, so it’s always better to download them.

Dead Island: Definitive Edition

Dead Island is a true classic. The game has one of the best and most awesome zombie slaying experiences ever to be released in gaming history, featuring a massive open world free-roam style map which is split into four separate zones, and let’s not forget the awesome gameplay and graphics of the five year old game. It’s such a blast to play Dead Island, you choose your character from a selection of four and each character specializes in a weapon type, either blunt weapons, large blades, small blades or firearms. You start off in a big hotel inside a massive resort on an Island, where you do whatever it takes to become stronger, improve your weapons arsenal, upgrade, create, and modify your weapons, unlock new skills and explore the open world as you level up, finishing quests and beating missions, and completing the storyline. Oh, and you can play the story cooperatively with groups of up to four players!

I am Bread

I am bread is another classic game which is available on PS NOW. It’s one of the most challenging games ever. It’s also one of the weirdest games out there, and this is why it got so much attention. It’s got super unique mechanics and the whole plot of the game is just to make toast! Except that you’re the slice of bread, and the mission is to manage to travel from the starting point to the toaster (or any source of heat that can make toast), without hitting the floor or falling into any places where a piece of bread would get ruined. The game is such a unique one that everyone knows about it and everyone still loves it even though it was created years ago!

Honourable mention- PC: Online Casino Games

On PC, we know there's numerous subscription plans which let us play numerous games, however there’s something else worth mentioning. Online casino games. Online Casinos are all about streamed games which we have to download to play and enjoy! The best part about online casinos is the fact that they are actually safer than visiting the casino in real life, and everyone loves being able to do a little gambling from the comfort of their own home. One can try out online casino games for free on numerous websites like and many more.


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