What Add-ons to Choose for Opera?

Opera can become your favourite browser after installing useful add-ons. Rest assured, there is an extension for everything you want to do. Want to see a list of top Canadian casinos? Or do you want to keep track of the best prices for a particular product? You can use an add-on for this and hundreds of other things to make your Opera experience much more enjoyable and efficient. Below, we provide a list of Opera add-ons that we think will be very useful to users in 2021.

Install Chrome Extensions

No matter what type of add-on you are looking for, this should be the first thing to install. This extension, as the name suggests, enables Opera browser to use the Chrome extensions store. Here we need to make a brief explanation: the Chrome store allows or disallows the installation of add-ons based on browser identification. Unless the browser identifies itself as “Chrome,” it is not possible to install add-ons from this store. Opera has its own store, but its content is very limited.

That's why this add-on is so important. It changes Opera's identification, making the Chrome extension store available. You can install thousands of add-ons with a single click, and some add-ons that we will list here can only be obtained in this way. So, make sure you install this one first.

Last Pass

You already know how important password security is. If you use the same passwords on every site or create simple ones, all your data is at risk of being stolen. You can solve this problem by using long and complex passwords but remembering all of them will be quite challenging. Last Pass provides a solution to this problem. This extension creates long, complex, and secure passwords and remembers them for you. This includes even your credit card information. If you are hesitant to give all this data to Last Pass, let's point out that nothing is stored on the server-side. Last Pass stores your data in an encrypted manner on your computer.

Last Pass is a multiplatform plugin, so you can synchronize your password information on desktop and mobile devices. It is very easy and practical to use, even if you have just started using a computer, you can easily understand what you need to do. The only problem is that some of its features (for example, password synchronization between devices) require a subscription.


This is an advanced add-on, but you should definitely use it if you want to have full control over your web browsing. uMatrix may be the most advanced privacy extension we've ever seen. When you visit a website, your computer loads dozens of files: cookies, CSS, plugins, scripts, XHR, hidden frames… Few of these are really necessary for the website to display. Everything else is used to track you, and classic ad blockers cannot detect them.

uMatrix, on the other hand, can detect everything. This plugin works like a kind of firewall and prevents your computer from establishing a connection unless you allow it. For example, you can disable Facebook links on every site you visit. Do you think the browser you are using is sending information to Google? You can also block this connection: uMatrix gives you incredible privacy. The only problem is that it's a bit complicated and will break some websites if you don't configure it properly. However, if you are a user who knows what they are doing and cares about their privacy, uMatrix will be your favourite add-on.


There are many ad-blocker add-ons available, but almost all of them increase the CPU load, causing both your computer and the internet to slow down. uBlock isn't like that. It's hard to even feel it's working. You can add many more filters compared to other extensions used for similar purposes, but it easily manages to block all ads even in default settings. Moreover, it is possible to create new filters using hosts files. If you want ad-free and fast internet, don't forget to install uBlock.


This extension identifies itself as a “virtual Gmail assistant.” If you're using Gmail, it offers a lot of things to increase your productivity and adds them all directly to the interface. If you open Gmail after installing the add-on, you will see that a menu named “Boomerang” has been added to the shortcuts at the top. All new functions offered are accessed through this menu.

Boomerang can receive, read receipts for emails, just like WhatsApp messages. It automatically sends emails at a predetermined time. This feature will come in handy if you forget birthdays. You can view the emails you want at a certain time, make reminders, and use all these functions on mobile platforms as well. If you spend a lot of time with emails, Boomerang will become one of your favourite add-ons. The only problem is that it only supports 10 emails for free. If you want more, you have to subscribe.

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