Best Looking PC Games to Play Right Now

PC games have evolved in graphics over the years: from the good old classics such as Spacewar, or Pong, where you could count the number of pixels being displayed, to hyper-realistic games such as Grand Theft Auto 5, Metro Exodus, Assassin's Creed, or The Witcher.

Before we present to you some of the best PC games for graphics and looks that you can play on Windows 10, here is something worth considering to enhance your gameplay. Many PC games operate online, and this can influence the graphic's quality. It's not enough to have a powerful PC to run these games, as internet connection plays an important part.

In this case, users can opt to use a VPN for PC to enhance their gaming experience. A VPN server can improve your internet connection speed while also protecting your IP address. Supergiant games will always face streaming issues due to traffic, so consider using a VPN for Windows or a VPN app on the games you can play online. Now let's talk about some games!

What are the Best PC Games When It Comes to Looks on Windows 10?

The best PC games will be able to use your graphics card as it was meant to be! Think of it as a way of showing off the true power of your PC. Here are some games with the best graphic from 2021, 2020, or older that still stand!

1. Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is a single-player RPG that uses REDengine 3 to implement the streaming load system - a method of switching from endless load screens in small environments to big open worlds that load as you play in the background.

Beautifully detailed environments, precision effects, and high-quality rendering make this game an action RPG that will make you feel that you are watching a movie. The updated engine in correlation with DirectX 11 tesselation makes this fantasy world come to life!

2. Doom Eternal

Remember when having 1 GB of RAM used to be cool? Yeah, me neither. It turns out that if you want to play the Doom Eternal on Ultra Nightmare PC specs, you will need at least 16 GB of RAM to run this game at 4K.

I remember when MMORPG's servers needed to have 16 GB RAM to work. Doom Eternal is among the best first-person shooter games out there, and it comes with 3 Graphics Modes, available for Xbox X, S, Playstation, and PC.

3. Portal 2

Portal 2 might not be Half-life 3, but this first-person puzzle game more than makes up for its graphics and storyline. It doesn't compare to the graphics of the other games on this list; however, the way the plot unfolds with its graphics makes many remember why PC gaming is so fun.

4. Metro Exodus

If you like adrenaline and good graphics, Metro Exodus will make you wish to go back to DOS games. This post-apocalyptic horror game takes place in Russia, and it is a survival game. The atmospheric visuals are stunning, with many ranking its graphics as the best in 2019.

It uses ray tracing to speed up indirect lightning, turning the realism on a whole new level. It is the first triple-A ray tracing game of its kind.

5. Nioh 2

This MMORPG comes with character customization that will keep you glued to the screen for hours. The graphics are pretty good, with a framerate cap of 30/60/120 fps. This game didn't have a huge budget, but what they have achieved is truly stunning! The development team is still working on and updating the game for PC.

6. Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator is one beautifully crafted game that will squeeze all the juice of your CPU. It uses Bing Maps and even real-time weather and traffic data to simulate our real world, so you can imagine what the graphics look like.


What Is the Best-Looking PC Game 2020?

Cloudpunk, Microsoft Flight Simulator, or Assassin's Creed Valhalla all deserve the no.1 spot of the best-looking PC game of 2020. If you like monolithic skyscrapers, neon lights, explore our world, or play as an assassin in an icy or autumnal medieval environment, one of these three games will take your eyes on a marvelous experience!

What Game Has the Best Graphics 2021?

Forza Horizon 4 has the best graphics in 2021 since its graphic realism seems to be unpared by most other games. It is a racing game rated 9.6/10 by IGN, and you will need an Nvidia GTX 970 graphics card just to play the game at the most minimalistic settings.

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