What are the most exciting games you can play online?

Everyone has a different idea about what exciting is. However, in this article, we will look specifically at free browser games rather than paid for console or specialist PC games. We are considering games you can hop in and out of effortlessly without buying them upfront or that you have to wait for ages for them to download. These games are not necessarily for people who spend a massive amount of time gaming – more just simple fun, to while away a lunch break or a bit of downtime. This is how successful games like Roblox started out. Most of the titles can be played on mobile devices too, so if you are wondering what to do while waiting for the bus, look no further. 

Powerline.io is simple and easy to pick up. It is a strategy game in which you need to grow your line and become number one. You can get close to other lines and generate an electricity boost or steal electricity from other players' lines by crossing and cornering them. It is exciting because you are playing against other real players who are trying out precisely the same tactics as you. It is the element of surprise that makes this game so engaging.

If you like a Zombie game, Die2Nite is a text-based multiplayer game full of in-jokes and messages. The game involves spending daylight hours working with other players to build defenses against the Zombies who will be coming to get you all later. You can feel the jeopardy already, and the clock on the server has not yet hit 23.00. When it does, you will need to hope that those defenses you created will keep the Zombies out. The encouraging message you receive on joining says, "Be positive. You're going to die. Every time". You get the idea and will want to come back for more.

Snake was one of the earliest mobile games. It was a huge success on simple mobile phone screens. Slither.io is easy to pick up and is simply a game of eating or being eaten. Technically you are not a snake but a longboy. You need to eat dots to become longer. The game has a feeling of Pacman about it; eat as much as you can and climb up the leader board. There is, of course, an element of jeopardy, and this is what brings the excitement. You need to avoid the other longboys slithering around in the game. If you touch them, that is it. Game over.

Mobile casino games are exhilarating to play. However, what makes any form of gambling so exciting is the wait. The risk comes after the bet has been placed or the reel has been spun. Will the outcome be what you want it to be, or will you lose your stake? There are many options for gambling on the go, but, undoubtedly, the most exciting ones are where you are playing at real money online casinos. The online slots are probably the easiest to pick up, but there is a wide choice of other games, including blackjack, roulette, and video poker. In addition, some of the casinos now offer you the chance to play against a live dealer.

Is a first-person shooter the excitement you crave? What is round the next corner? Who is going to try and jump out on you? Like an excellent movie thriller, a good shooter game will have you on the edge of your seat. Superhot Prototype is unique and fun. This is also a strategy game. When you come to a standstill, so does time in the game. This allows the player to make decisions about their next move. It is not all just charge and blast; far more subtle than that. This variant of the game is free to play. If you love the excitement, you can buy Prototype the full version.

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