Ways to make extra money online: tips for beginners

Getting money for a newbie working online - is it possible? Yes, it is possible at any time! Every Internet user today has the opportunity to make money in different ways - from playing casinos not blocked by gamestop to affiliate marketing. What other opportunities do you have as a beginner? That's what you're going to find out today.

Earn money on the Internet for beginners

Below will be five opportunities with which you can earn online as a beginner and which can be implemented with relatively little effort, quickly and easily.

1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is by far one of the most popular sources of income when it comes to making money on the Internet. With affiliate marketing, you can start almost immediately and earn your first money on the Internet. You don't necessarily need your website, you can also do affiliate marketing conveniently via your smartphone.

  • WhatsApp,
  • Facebook,
  • Instagram
  • etc.

All you need to do in affiliate marketing is to successfully promote products or services. Because only when a so-called "sale" takes place, you receive a commission in affiliate marketing. The amount of commission can vary greatly depending on the product and service. The great advantage of affiliate marketing - especially for beginners is that you do not need your products, but promote the products and services of other partners.

2. Selling products

Selling your products to make money on the Internet is the complete opposite of affiliate marketing. But even with this, you can start as a total beginner at any time. All you need is an idea for a product that you want to sell on the internet. The type of products you can make money with on the internet is limitless. This means that your product can be:

  • an eBook;
  • a video course;
  • software;
  • a service;
  • etc.

There is almost nothing that cannot be sold on the Internet. The biggest hurdle here is - especially to be able to earn money as a beginner on the Internet, to market the product, and to achieve appropriate income. So you should think about who your target group is and how you want to sell the finished product to the man/woman.

4. Play in an online game

Of all the categories of online games, the most developed were multiplayer online games, in which players interact with each other in terms of gameplay, as well as in terms of communication. In these, the player has his character, which must be developed by completing tasks, buying clothes, weapons, and other game items. The balanced game world assumes that this process will be long so that players do not lose interest in the game, but there are different ways to speed up or facilitate it: Pumping up a character and selling it for real money to other players; monotonous extraction of game resources and selling them for real money; selling in-game currency obtained for completing quests or for accumulated items and resources; If the game involves creating new items from existing ones, you can sell, again for real money, created unique items. The next popular category of online games is Win Diggers casino online. They already assume that the player will deposit or withdraw virtual money, with the possibility of conversion to WebMoney or another electronic payment system, so each account is tied to an account. The online casino has a large list of gambling games - slot machines, roulette, blackjack, poker.

4. YouTube

Every one of us knows the video platform YouTube and everyone - certainly you too, have already watched a lot of videos here. As you probably also know, numerous professional YouTubers earn their living via this platform. Even these so-called "Professionelle YouTuber" started very small and of course, you can do that too. So if you have a topic that is close to your heart or in which you are perhaps an expert and would like to share this with other people, the creations of YouTube videos to earn money on the Internet naturally offers itself. All you need as a beginner to create YouTube videos is a simple camera and a microphone. The good. Today's smartphones are perfectly sufficient to get you started. The video and sound quality are sufficient to create your first video for your YouTube channel. But then how can you make money on the Internet with YouTube? There are several possibilities. On the one hand, you can place advertisements within your videos or you can enter into partnerships with companies whose products you can present in your YouTube video, for example.

5. Sell advertising

If you want to earn money with the sale of advertising as a beginner on the Internet, you need a platform such as a blog, on which you can install the sold advertising or the rented advertising space. Selling advertising is about direct marketing. This means that you have, for example, a blog on which you offer advertising space that can be booked by other companies or the like. So, for example, if you have a blog or a website about dogs, you could offer advertising space there for manufacturers of toys or food, among other things. The advantage of direct marketing and especially the sale of advertising is that you can make a relatively good income here. The amount of revenue for the rented advertising space is usually always based on the amount of monthly traffic on your site. So the more visitors you have, the more you can charge for advertising on your site.


To make money online as a beginner, the five opportunities presented above are suitable. However, this is not all, today there are a huge number of opportunities to make money, it is worth trying a few of them and seeing which one suits you best.

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