Uses of a GPU

GPU is known as Graphics Processing Unit. It looks just like any other chip, but there is a set of multiple small computing units also known as “GPU Cores” that run simultaneously, and this is the foremost reason that GPUs are much quicker than CPUs for performing heavy tasks. In GPU, several small computing cores make the machine faster instead of a few big cores.

Difference between CPU and GPU

A CPU is the Central Processing Unit, it is the most important part of your computer as the CPU does all the things which are needed for the working of your laptop, computer, or any other device.

The significant difference between CPU and GPU is their functionality, the CPU is essentially created to conduct common tasks in the machine, and A GPU or a GPU Dedicated Server is entirely focused on graphic and video rendering operations. More specifically GPU is a co-processor that supports the CPU for heavy operations.

Note: A graphic card is an entire hardware, and a GPU is one of the major elements of a graphic card. Often GPU is connected to the motherboard of a machine.

Why do you need a GPU? 

The simple solution is that high graphical images and video processing need multiple things simultaneously like pre-rendering, making the files, storing, compressing, modifying, etc. if all the processes are done by CPU, then system performance gets affected, and users can experience lag very greatly and to avoid this GPU will conduct several intensive tasks by itself and support CPU to run smoothly.

When do you need a GPU?

This topic is slightly complicated as different computers, laptops, or any other devices have some type of GPU. Also, there are no devices which are not having GPU at all. Without GPU it is hard to display an image or play a video. So, you require a dedicated GPU. You can also increase your productivity by using VDI Desktop as a Service.

It all depends on your requirements. Many general-purpose applications like e-mails, listening to music, word processing, or even watching high-definition videos do not need a GPU. In simple words, if a user does not have to deal with graphics and other heavy tasks then there is no need for a GPU in the machine.

GPU is essentially needed for high graphic gaming. GPU can be useful for non-gamers as well for tasks like heavy photoshop designing, 3D art designing, powerful video editing, etc.

One of the most significant advantages of GPU is to link several displays simultaneously. In the current multimedia world, it is quite essential for video editors, gamers, or YouTube creators to work on several displays which are insignificantly restricted due to fewer DVI or HDMI ports present in the machine by a CPU, but GPU can give you several numbers of the port for your multi-screen connectivity.

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