New World: Everything You Need To Know About Increasing Your Gear Score

If you want to get the best and most effective endgame experience you will need to understand the leveling process in New World and appreciate the importance of your gear score.

As you probably know, there are three parts to the leveling process. Character level and trade skill levels obviously matter too, but there is much more emphasis on gear score as soon as you attain the level cap of 60.

There are several ways to achieve your in-game goals. We will take a look at how new world boosting can enhance your strategic gaming skills and increase your score. It also helps to know how to achieve the best build so you can level up quickly and efficiently.

What is gear score and why does it matter so much?

Every item in New World has a numerical value applied to it. Gear score is that numerical value, and, ultimately, it is what determines your item’s base stats. It also heavily influences how effective you are in relation to endgame content.

What you will discover as you work your way through the various parts of the game is that every item you obtain during leveling contributes to an increase in your overall gear score.

When you get this higher score it opens up a pathway that allows you to tackle more challenging content.

There is a gear score cap in New World. This number is 625. You will find that the rate of your gear score increases starts to slow down at the point you reach a milestone gear score figure of 500.

You have to reach the heights of the gear score cap if you want to experience the Legendary variants of Expedition. It is also the key to getting arena gear to drop.

The reason gear score is so critical in New World is because it is the element of the game’s structure that is responsible for dictating what gear strength you get to and how much power you have when it comes to endgame content.

How is your gear score calculated?

One of the most important points to keep in mind is that all of the items you obtain in New World present an opportunity to drop at a higher gear score than you have at present, depending on a number of key factors.

What you will see is that your gear score can jump quite wildly based on a number of different factors. Two particular factors to be aware of are the level you are on and the content you are farming.

It’s not unusual to see some pretty big gear score jumps during the early parts of the game. When you get to that first milestone of 60 the jumps will slow down noticeably.

Some of the biggest gear score increases can be achieved when you focus your attention on elite chests and enemies in endgame zones. Expeditions also deliver some chunky gear score increases.

Your overall gear score is determined by making a calculation of your expertise.

This number is worked out using an average of your expertise and an item’s gear score. In case you are unaware, expertise was previously called the watermark system, but the name was changed to improve transparency.

What you need to know about expertise

As already stated, expertise is basically the new equivalent of the watermark system that was previously used in New World.

It has to be said that this change is a big improvement. It offers greater clarity than its predecessor as a result of all the details that they now share with you via your character screen.

Increasing your expertise level requires a multi-faceted approach.

The sort of actions that you would expect to contribute to an increase in your expertise level are there. These include killing monsters, running dungeons, and clearing out chests. However, that is only touching the surface when it comes to your options.

Be prepared to broaden your horizons if you want to get your best score.

Earning Gypsum

One of the incentives attached to hitting level 60 is that it then gives you the chance to earn a variety of Gypsum orbs.

These gypsums can be crafted using the kiln that is found in two specific level 60+ locations. These are Shattered Mountain and Outposts.

Earning Gypsum delivers a guaranteed expertise increase. That means items such as armor, jewelry, and weapons, have an enhanced value.

How can you earn Gypsum?

Here is an overview of the ways that you can earn Gypsum once you have hit level 60.

Killing named creatures who appear beyond level 60 will earn Obsidian Gypsum. You are restricted to a maximum of three per day.

Gaining an Aptitude level via your trade skills will get you Emerald Gypsum.

Your reward for completing two rounds of Outpost Rush will be some Ruby Gypsum.

Completing an arena will give you a once-a-day chance to get some Citrine Gypsum.

If you can manage to defeat the final boss in both the Lazarus and Genesis expeditions you will earn Sapphire Gypsum.

There is an opportunity to collect a maximum of 7 Amethyst Gypsums each day when you complete corrupted portals.

Your reward for defeating any monster beyond level 55 while you have the Topaz Attunement Potion buff will be Topaz Gypsum. You are limited to 10 per day on this.

There are often a number of special events announced that you are invited to complete. When you do so, you can earn up to 3 Diamond Gypsum per day.

A good gaming tip to note would be that it usually pays to focus on jewelry as your first priority. Jewelry comprises Amulet, Earring, and Ring. The reason for this is that they usually drop less than armor and weapons, so craft these casts primarily, before moving on to others.

Remember, crafting is a great way to have a positive impact on your gear score expertise. Allowing expertise to be impacted by crafting new items is a new feature, and hitting 600 means you increase your expertise each time. That’s why you need to craft a legendary item.

What’s the fastest way to increase your gear score?

Having highlighted some of the ways to increase your gear score you will probably want to know how you can get your number up as quickly as possible.

There are a couple of strategies that are well worth becoming familiar with when it comes to increasing your gear score at a rapid rate. A couple of these approaches are mainly intended to increase your slot watermarks, which in turn will improve the gear score of items you receive.

If you are really only concerned with improving your average gear score in order to tackle endgame PvE expeditions or PvP wars it is best to focus on buying or crafting your items, or obtaining your legendary weapon and faction gear.

Overall, a top strategy to consider would be elite farming.

This is invariably going to be your best way of getting gear score increases. The trick is to focus your attention on level 60+ elite enemies. You can find these in three main zones in Aeternum, namely Edengrove, Great Cleave, and Shattered Mountain.

Look for zones that have loads of elites, or search out one elite that spawns consistently.

Remember, you should try to kill as many elites as possible, irrespective of which zone you are farming.

Another proven source of gear score that can get your number up quickly is endgame expeditions. Current expeditions to look at are Garden of Genesis in Edengrove, and Tempest’s Heart in Shattered Mountain.

The updated group finder feature is useful for finding expedition groups efficiently.

It might be that you need to give your gear score a bit of extra impetus before you start farming expeditions or elites. If that’s the case, purchase gear from your faction before proceeding to completing your endgame weapon quest.

Complete a quest chain beyond level 60 and you will get a 580 score weapon of your choosing.

One of the best things you can do when you start New World’s endgame would be to obtain some 580+ gear score items that have at least two perks. Having these items creates a great opportunity to expand your expertise and get your hands on the kit that you need to be able to handle the majority of the early content.

The bottom line is that crafting is not going to be your quickest way of getting your hands on items with a high gear score. Prioritize other strategies to increase your gear score as quickly as possible.

It is also well worth looking at the option of using a professional boosting service. This will help you achieve in-game goals at a rapid rate such as 1-60 leveling, gear farming, and level boosting.

Using a boosting service can also enhance your knowledge as well as your game experience, making your game time more entertaining and productive.

Are you ready for the challenge of increasing your gear score?

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