Top Simulation Games 2021

The simulation genre of video games is one of the most popular. However, this genre is not famous for many action scenes that force gamers to click hard and fast. Nevertheless, simulation games captivate players' attention and force them to play attentively, thanks to well-thought-out simulations. 

The top games help dive into different worlds and explore all their aspects. The primary aim of simulation games is to make the playing experience similar to real life. Thanks to the development of modern technologies, a lot of stunning simulation games have appeared this year. So let's take a deeper dive and learn about them in more detail.

Train Simulator 2022

The popularity of this video game is growing at a fast pace. It is a trendy game that helps players become train operators. Many people think that nothing is interesting in operating a virtual train because it can move only in two directions using the rails. However, Train Simulator 2022 has changed everything. 

Playing this video game, players get into the train driver's cabin. They need to learn how to utilize all the triggers to make a heavy train moving. They need to monitor many different indicators to keep the train safe and follow a schedule. Besides, they need to examine the entire train, validate tickets, and cope with unexpected issues that happen in real life. 

Sims 4

It is the latest iteration of one of the most popular simulator games. The Sims 4 video game allows players to create their own words. Players need to simulate real life. They need to manage people who have different personality traits, needs, desires, etc. 

Players can create various characters with unique appearances, styles, and personal traits. Then, they need to build a house that matches the needs of their characters. It's required to monitor the desires of virtual people and satisfy the desires of the characters. For instance, it's vital to buy and prepare food, take a shower, sleep, and communicate with other citizens. 

The main perk of the game is the freedom offered to players. They can choose any job for their characters, open a business, make new connections, create families, etc. Also, players can build any house and create any interior. The outstanding graphics captivates the attention of players from the first minute of gameplay. However, it's worth noting that characters can die if they starve for a while or don't get the necessary treatment. 

Gas Station Simulator

It is considered a real gem in the niche of simulation games. It helps players become the owners of an old and abandoned gas station on Route 66. It is similar to a station from one of the legendary movies that were released many decades ago. It is a first-person simulation game that requires players to clean and establish a working gas station. They can interact with people and use almost any item.

Indeed, the primary mission is to fill the tanks of cars that arrive. However, players can also explore the territory, find useful items, stop robbers, fight wild snakes, and even repair vehicles. Besides, great minigames make the Gas Station Simulator more interesting and engaging.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

The Microsoft company is widely known for its software products and the Windows operating system. However, they also released a top-tier simulator that became extremely popular. It is a video game that remains one of the most popular in the niche. Moreover, it attracted a lot of people who didn't like the summation genre. 

It foresees the ability to become a pilot and travel all around the world. The video game has outstanding graphics that help dive deep into the world of flights. Nevertheless, it's not a simple game where players need to operate a plane using several keys or a joystick. Instead, the Microsoft Flight Simulator can help you become a skilled pilot behind a desk.

Players need to be familiar with all the buttons and switches on a flight deck to take off and land a huge plane. In addition, they need to do the same actions performed by pilots in real life. Moreover, the game generates different weather conditions, including heavy rain, fog, gale, sandstorm, etc. Consequently, players need to cope with different challenges in order not to crush a plane. While flying, there is an option to enable the autopilot and enjoy the beauty of the sky as detailed as possible in the game.

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