Gardening in a New Form

Having a garden can be both a blessing and a curse. Some people will love to be in the garden while others prefer to play automatyOften a hobby can turn into a career, and gardening will take place on a much bigger scale. Over the years, gardening has changed, and roses and rock gardens are not seen as often. Now there is more emphasis on a variety of plants and, in some cases, a smaller grassed area. With barbecues and outdoor living more important than ever, areas are being set aside to allow for this.

First Steps

Ideally, you should find out more about the garden. Is the soil better for growing than in others? Are there areas where rain may congregate, and flooding occurs? Which way does the sun move across the garden, and what hours will it be there? This will allow you to decide where to put each section and know it will be fit for purpose when completed.


To make sure that people will use the garden, you should set out sections that will entice them. To ensure there is something pleasant to look at, you can have flowers and a lawn. These will require maintenance, so you should know how much time you can dedicate to it. If you are lucky enough to have the sun in the evening, a BBQ and outdoor seating area will be of benefit. Not everyone is into growing vegetables, but an area can be found for that. If there is room, you could add a pond, but if there are small children, their safety should be considered regarding the depth.


If you have room for a walkway, then the border should be considered first. It will be lovely to walk down it and have flowers on either side. Colour schemes can be important, but some people just like to see a mixture. Check that the plants you want will grow well in the soil in that area. Small ones will be best in this area as you don't want them hanging over onto the path.

Seating Area

There will be few gardens too small for a seating area of some sort. This could be next to the house and away from the greenery or right in among it. Clearly, it will make sense to have this area stone or wood. You don't want chair and table legs digging into the soil.


Most of these ideas will work well in a small family garden or a large garden that is being landscaped. It is simply a matter of scale. There are a few things to consider here. A shed or undercover seating area may not be possible. The number of plants that can grow successfully may have to be limited, and the pathway will need to be narrow. 


The shade will be more of an issue in a small garden. For this reason, you should find plants that do well in the shade. There are, however, a lot of wildflowers that will thrive there. As well as looking good, you will be helping the plummeting bee population.

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