Top 6 Worst Technologies of the 21st Century

Despite the technological advances of this century, there have also been many disappointments. So, which of them were the best? Although some of these devices, like the Amazon Fire Phone, have previously aided customers by allowing them to connect to their True Blue online casino login. It didn't endure nearly as long as 21st-century technology.

With the tech industry being as large as it is and a few business individuals reaching tycoon status in months, it's not surprising that new products are released on a regular basis.

While some of these devices have shown to be really useful, others have proven to be complete duds. Whether it's the gadget's motivation, design, or even the showcasing that surrounds it, a few pieces of technology simply don't cut it.

As a result, here are the six biggest technological failures of the twenty-first century.

  • Asbestos
  • Segway
  • Google glass
  • Google+
  • The amazon fire phone
  • The puls

Now let’s take a more detailed look at these inventions.


Asbestos has all the makings of a development labourer’s best friend from the start. It's a soft mineral fibre that excels in assimilation and can tolerate the harshness of heat. However, when floor tiles or roof shingles need to be repaired or replaced, asbestos becomes a headache for the property owner.

During the redesigning or destruction stages, the analogous solid filaments that drive a structure's starting can turn horrible. Asbestosis is caused by inhaling hazardous particles in that state, which produces fibrosis in the lungs, which causes chest pain, windiness, nail abnormalities, finger clubbing, and other complications. In light of those elements, the EPA decided to prohibit most asbestos-containing items on July 12, 1989. 

Yet, after two years, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans upset that choice, leaving just a few items on the restricted rundown: flooring felt, rollaboard and ridged, business and forte paper. At the point when a substance advances into the central government's Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, something wasn't right to start. 


A carefully hidden mystery that should change the world upon its delivery in 2001, the Segway never achieved its guaranteed upheaval in transportation. However, the innovation is quite remarkable — expensive spinners make what is almost challenging to spill. The Segway's deals far failed to meet expectations. It lives on as the vehicle of decision for security guards and lethargic vacationers. 

You've presumably seen one of these unusual-looking vehicles sooner or later. Segways are absolutely notable, yet not actually wanted. The Segways didn't actually hit the market just as its organizers would have preferred. Its underlying exposure was incredible, with millions tracking down its surprising appearance and novel innovation extremely fascinating, just like the True Blue casino $50 no deposit bonus feature; this also is quite interesting.

In any case, when it came to real deals, Segway missed the mark concerning assumptions. It is high estimating was likewise multiple requests another client base, so acquiring faithful clients was troublesome — Segway's inability to feature application purposes similarly added to its disappointment. Segways actually exist but have in no way, shape or form assumed control over the world. 

Google Glass 

When ‘Google Glass’ innovative glasses were declared back in April of 2012, many were sure that it would be a distinct advantage. This movement and voice-controlled, Android-fueled glasses were intended to work as a kind of sans hands cell phone, offering admittance to the Internet, maps, your schedule, camera, and the sky is the limit from there.

Furthermore, Google indeed settled Google Glass as a top-of-the-line piece of tech with its stunning cost of $1,500, extensively more costly than even the freshest iPhone at that point. There was a ton of upheaval encompassing Google Glass, with traditional press and technology lovers the same speaking eternally about the forthcoming arrival of this new sort of innovation. Indeed, even the average individual was getting excited. 

Be that as it may, the Google Glass innovators and originators never indeed indicated why the Google Glass would merit the purchase. There was never any reasonable articulation on the motivation behind Google Glass and why it would be a stage over the cell phone. In light of this new development, these deals were disillusioning, and they kind of tumbled off the radar. 


Google isn't, by and large, an alien to bombed new companies. In 2011, it dispatched Google+, an online media organization. Set forth plainly, Google + fizzled because Google didn't comprehend the client's requirements enough to make this online media network beneficial. 

Given that this was Google’s fourth endeavour at an online media organization, it's disillusioning to see it fizzle. Google+ was planned for clients to share without question, everything, except clients didn't need that. It was additionally hard for individuals to associate with one another using various stages on Google+, basically making it a non-starter. As you'd accept, Google+ got baffling client numbers, and it was closed down in April of 2019. 

The Amazon Fire Phone 

Recall this one? It very well might be put away someplace in your memory from way back in 2014. The amazon fire phone was a compelling reason when it was reported back in June of 2014. Individuals adored Amazon, so the possibility of this effective retail monster drawing out a telephone appeared to be extraordinary. Notwithstanding, the fire phone had a ton to satisfy, and the crucial factor was making a genuinely fantastic piece of innovation. 

Be that as it may, it didn't. The telephone was reprimanded for its purposeless and gimmicky components, just as the way that it didn't consider the utilization of close to as numerous applications as Android and iOS. The phone didn’t meet the customers’ aspirations as they couldn’t even play games to get their True  Blue casino $50 no deposit bonus; thus, the Amazon fire phone before long turned into a memorial of past times. 

The Puls

The Puls is a smartwatch with its own SIM — which means it shouldn't be associated with a cell phone to work. Given that it was intended to go about as its own advanced cell, the Puls' tiny screen makes it hard to do things that would be kind with a PDA, such a messaging. On top of this, the Puls' primary capacity was likewise beautiful pointless. The ‘Puls’ is essentially intended to decide and follow your mindset, basically, how your voice sounds. Nonetheless, this mindset recognizable proof isn't a water-tight framework and doesn't generally work. 

Many criticized the Puls' disposition distinguishing proof possibility for its futility. All things considered, who needs to be told how they feel when they're mindful of it? It's protected to say that this entire endeavour appeared to be somewhat gimmicky, and Puls wound up being an all-out flop.

Final Note 

Finally, we have seen the worst technologies of the 21st century that didn't leave to their expectations. However, the manufacturers of different products worldwide should ensure that they produce what meets human needs to prevent technology shortcomings shortly.

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