When VR Will Become an Integral Part of the Video Games 

than we think. Most people associate the release of Oculus Rift with the start of VR, but the first system was invented in the last century. 1968 was when people saw the first head-mounted display system called The Sword of Damocles. However, those who think that the start of the VR era is the invention of the Oculus Rift are a little bit right. It was the start of a mass obsession with Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and similar technologies. People found out that video games can offer an even more immersive experience. Moreover, let’s not forget that VR can be applied in many spheres besides video gaming. 

Experts always try to predict when VR will become an integral part of our life. 2020 CES concluded that VR games would become more immersive, but none of the people involved in the VR production industry can claim when ordinary video games will cease to exist. The one thing we can say for sure is that Virtual Reality is no longer something highly specialized. The variety of VR clubs lets you test it even without buying a full set. 

VR gamers are very popular among people of all ages, and especially youth. But the attitude of older people (parents, teachers) to this type of gaming is better than to ordinary PC, mobile, or console video games. Perhaps it’s due to the benefits of VR. Let’s also not forget that this technology is already used in many spheres besides gaming: healthcare, automotive industry, tourism, and education. Young people can use VR either to enjoy free time or to improve their knowledge. Judging by the number of students who order assignments from the custom report writing service, they fail to keep up with the curriculum and often get tired. VR experience and the opportunity to order health insurance essay or buy criminal justice paper online transform their lives for the better.

The Challenges of Virtual Reality

To answer the question “When will VR technology take over video games?” we need to define what prevents VR from doing it now. If you think that VR is well-developed and has no problems, you’re mistaken. Unfortunately, some problems don’t let experts confidently say when ordinary video games will become a thing of the past. First of all, VR technology is expensive. Of course, Oculus Rift isn’t the only company producing VR headsets. There are cheaper alternatives, but one shouldn’t forget that the headset isn’t everything you need to play VR games. Not all people have enough free space at home to place all the equipment. And what about gamers living in developing countries? The level of salaries there barely lets them survive, to say nothing about purchasing such devices. 

The second challenge of VR is the lack of content. If you think that the rising popularity of VR gaming made all game developers create new games and transform the existing ones, you’re wrong. Well, we don’t mean that there are only a few VR games at all, but if we’re talking about the full integration of this technology in gaming, the range of games for VR should be as wide as for PC and consoles. 

Third, the so-called VR Sickness. Those who use VR very often have probably experienced one of these symptoms: sickness, nausea, headache, disorientation. All VR developers adopt this term. It’s obvious that this technology has such effects on our bodies: you put on a headset, start playing, your eyes see you’re moving, but in reality, your standstill. The brain is disorientated, and you start feeling sick. Besides this feeling, the VR experience is far from being comfortable. Even though all VR  equipment developers make headsets lightweight and easy to wear, people still note that they get sweaty and tired fast. 

VR is far from being wireless. We live in a time when all devices are made as wireless as possible. VR still has a lot of cords to work well. Some virtual reality enthusiasts may not consider it a serious problem, but it’s another aspect holding this technology back. Cords endanger safety, disturb, and make the room less aesthetic. 

The Bottom Line

So far, we can’t agree with people stating that VR is the future of gaming. However, one thing is for sure — it has great promise. Many words are already done, but the big problems still exist and need to be eliminated. The key question of our article remains unanswered because it’s impossible to predict when VR gaming will take over the industry. To date, it’s impossible. We consider VR technology an important thing for gaming because it gives us a unique experience. 

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