Top 3 Video Games with the Italian Mafia

Video games with mafias are pretty famous among video game enthusiasts. One such memorable name in the mafia is the Italian mafia. There are plenty of available games that incorporate the Italian mafia in their premise. Furthermore, such games with the Italian mafia are usually based in Italy. Therefore, here in this review, we cover the top 3 games that have Italian mafia with them. So, without wasting any team, let's get straight to it.

The Yakuza Series

A seventh entry in the Yakuza series is available to play. The entire series is accessible on the PlayStation 4. The Italian mafia has a strong role in the storyline as things process. For what is perhaps the largest-scale criminal saga franchise in gaming, Yakuza is the ideal place to start.

Beautiful recreations of Tokyo's Kabukicho neighbourhood serve as the backdrop for the action role-playing game "Yakuza." Each book is a stand-alone narrative with Kiryu as the main character. Kiryu is a former member of a Japanese crime syndicate who, despite his best efforts to flee Tokyo's sordid underworld, finds himself drawn back in.

The Godfather

Here the Godfather video game, being in 2006 as a divisive sequel to the movies, is a surprisingly fantastic open-world mafia game. It is ideal for lovers of the Mafia trilogy. Furthermore, it has an all-star ensemble, including many members of the original cast who are reprising their roles. However, it centres on a new protagonist. Regardless of their real affiliation, a Godfather is a character that investigates as Innocent (or another positive outcome) by Cops. Only Mafia members can achieve the title of "godfather," including Italian mafia. Investigation-immune serial killers are simply referred to as such.

In this, the melee approach is similar to a condensed version of EA's Fight Night boxing game, and the combat system is beautifully done. Fans of the first and second Mafia games will enjoy the plot. Extorting companies and negotiating with competing mafia provide depth.

Cyberpunk 2077

The Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world science-fiction role-playing game that will launch on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC in late 2020. The game's setting is true to its name. Even after receiving criticism for its contentious launch, it is still a good game that is worth playing through. In today's Cyberpunk 2077, we discuss criminal gangs and crime groups in the cyberpunk universe, as well as how they manage their operations and covert operations around the globe.

Players take on the role of a created character named V as they deal with a number of deadly gangs, dishonest police officers, and dishonest government officials. As its best moments involve navigating Night City's criminal underbelly, Cyberpunk frequently has the sense of a future gangster game. Furthermore, the Chinese triads, the Japanese Yakuza, the Russian Organitskaya, and the Italian Mafia are the four most potent crime organisations of the twenty-first century. Other organised crime groups exist, notably the drug lords of Southeast Asia, Colombia, and Peru.

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