Spend crypto smarter: Where to multiply BTC

The introduction of blockchains has changed not only the financial landscape but the gambling one too. First, it was a couple of new payment options when now it is hundreds of exclusive crypto apps run on decentralized networks. Their variations are on par with regular electronic gaming machines including anything from simple dice to advanced poker variants.

The main catch of these machines for every gambler is the fact you do not need a casino account to play. As they do not have to have the 3rd party organizations hosting games and the wallets of users. Blockchain allows players to connect with the developers and use digital tokens from their cryptowallet. It is hard to imagine but even a crypto wheel game is playable there!

Wheel of Fortune with a twist

For someone who is not familiar with that type of gambling activity, it is necessary to make some clarifications. In the concept, it is very similar to the popular TV show Wheel of Fortune that most of us encountered in some shape or form. The player in most cases only participates by watching, and not even the prediction of the result is necessary. But there are more types of this game than that:

  •   bonuses for successful predictions;
  •   unique reward types (including promo codes for the online casino or membership points);
  •   various minigames implemented to increase profits of players.

It is also worth mentioning live Wheel of Fortune games where the real dealer announces the result of the round. The wheel is real obviously which makes each spin even more thrilling as players feel the real weight of each bet. Unfortunately, decentralized apps are not providing such an experience as for the current time but the development is up and running. As for today you can hop into any of the available bitcoin casino online, make a deposit from the crypto wallet and enjoy live Wheel of Fortune!

Where to gamble cryptocurrencies

But the process of hopping in may be complicated for newcomers as not all the websites are equally fair. If you have some place in mind then check its license number on the site of governing organization (e.g. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission) and read user reviews. Reviews on websites, on the other hand, are often sponsored by the same casinos and rarely can give an objective view on the matter.

The process of finding the exact perfect place to play games with crypto may be tedious for some people. To skip the process of looking throughout lists of names, the alternative will be to stick to the top casinos in Europe:

  •       BCGame;
  •       KingBit;
  •       RocketPot;
  •       GreenSpin;
  •       Tsars;
  •       Casoo.

To make the final choice decide what type of machines are you interested in. Some places are more slot-oriented while others go for table games variety. Aside from library bonuses also play a major role in the daily casino experience. Plus it is a great opportunity to increase the amount of crypto you have even further. And do not forget to grab a welcome reward upon registering as it is a limited-time offer!

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