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Video games are not just a form of entertainment. Thanks to them, players can also learn, increase their performance, reinforce their knowledge and enhance strategic skills. In fact, the strategy genre is one of the most beloved by the community of both desktop and mobile users: it is projected for this segment to grow by more than 7.0% by 2027 as per Statista.

In addition, at the dawn of the iGaming industry it was one of the most common forms of play, perhaps for perfectly fitting its technical possibilities and for using, on many occasions, the established popularity of board titles that found in digital games an ideal adaptation format. Below, we will leave you with a list of top-notch sagas such as StarCraft or Blood of Steel, as well as their alternatives and some indie-style ideas. So, let’s get started!


Strategy plays a fundamental role in any blackjack variant. Any player of a certain level will have their own tricks, and this has not to do with counting cards or similar tricks. This is more about the gut feeling of being clear at what time you have to ask for a card, when it's time to stand up, if you have to double or divide the wager, manage the insurance bets and the surrender rule when it is available.

Not to mention, the collection of Ignition live blackjack variants require even a higher level of strategic skills and knowledge. But eventually, it pays off with high RTPs and additional features that are available in this or that title. It is also worth noting the importance of mathematics in blackjack, which has more relevance than in all other titles. 


It is considered one of the best strategy video options for its high cultural content on the development of humanity. This game is based on the conquest of territories according to the selected era – middle, modern and contemporary age.

The original Civilization invites us to conquer the world using force, diplomacy or technology. Nevertheless, there is also a remake called Sid Meier’s Civilization, which explores the phenomenon of strategy 4x titles. That explains why it couldn’t be missed from our list as well. With new versions released, however, the general lines are maintained on all gaming series: this long saga offers the option of reviewing historical bibliography to help advance in strategies and continue with the game.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall

Another remake that went on sale as an expansion of the Shadowrun Returns originals, a strategy-based game that was released a year earlier adapting a well-known board title. This addition meant quite an interesting effect for the base game that its managers ended up launching it as an independent title that also adds content and improvements to the original premise.

Here is more about the game itself: based on the strategy and role-playing models of the early 1990s but adapted to current possibilities. There is a cyberpunk plot that will take us through a twenty-hour campaign with a branched narrative, sharp written dialogues and characters to remember with a deep development.

Total War: Warhammer II

Another strategy saga that is known for having recreated famous historical epochs from a strategic and military perspective that fits perfectly with that adaptation of the facts, but it also has a series of games that borrow the fantastic battles of the Warhammer universe.

From that peculiar but well-beared collaboration emerged the new edition of Warhammer II, whose last published installment (although there is already another one announced) is praised by enthusiasts of both the board game and the interactive strategy genre. Without any doubt, one of those titles that any lover of this kind of video game can't miss.

Into The Breach

If we talk about the most played recent strategy titles by the community, we can't forget Into the Breach, a popular turn-based tactical combat video game that allows members to manage and customize their own unit of mercenaries armed with wicks to fight the invasion of gigantic and lethal insect-like aliens.

The battles are generated randomly and the development of each game could not be more unpredictable, so there are never two the same, something that gives it very high replayable values. It is a title in which everything works perfectly and that boasts fantastically designed mechanics that will guarantee us dozens and dozens of hours of pure enjoyment.

Gears Tactics

Likewise Into the Breach, Gears Tactics also adapts those features to the style of turn-based tactical strategy games with combats against hordes of enemies in impressive apocalyptic scenarios that we observe from a zenith perspective.

That said, this saga has completely changed the conception of shooting games due to its peculiar coverage system and its brutal action with powerful cinematic moments. In it, your group of soldiers, whose appearance and skills are customizable, will have to face a wide range of challenges in a plot that will also challenge them to fight against imposing final bosses.


In fact, the list of the strategy games could go on and on, since each of them is unique and offers different content focused on different areas. Nevertheless, if you haven't played any of these titles yet, we recommend giving this list a try and get immersed in the game’s deep gameplay and an absorbing setting, which will keep you entertained for hours.

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