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Ghost of Tsushima is a PlayStation 4 exclusive and was among the best games of 2020. The Sucker Punch Productions title offered an action-boosted samurai epic that made Akira Kurosawa delighted. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see the PS4 swansong title return for one last adventure in the Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut. Its expanded game features a storyline, a new island, PlayStation 5 exclusive features. The video game already offered an almost perfect experience, just like you get with free slots to play for fun online. But Director’s Cut takes the whole experience a notch higher.

The pricing model of Director’s Cut has caused a lot of controversies and confusion considering the game’s announcement. If you don’t already have a Ghost of Tsushima, it costs $69.99 on PS5 and $59.99 on PS 4. Upgrading the standard PS4 version to the Director’s Cut costs $19.99. Additionally, upgrading the standard PS4 to a higher PS5 version will cost $9.99.

Pave the Way for The Warrior

The Ghost of Tsushima story is set amidst the Mongol invasion of Japan. It is based on Tsushima island, where you play as Jin Sakai, a samurai who is on a journey to liberate his home from the Mongol hordes. You need to make alliances with several individuals and factions. Some of them may not have the best interests of Japan and Tsushima in mind. The narrative of Ghost of Tsushima feels quite grand similar to films that the video game is inspired from. While you have enjoyed free pokies so far, this video game is worth spending your money on.

Button smashing during the battle is an excellent way to get yourself destroyed. You have to show the traits of a real Samurai and be patient. In most enemy encounters, it is best to wait for your enemies to make the first strikes. Successfully parrying or dodging attacks leaves enemies open for counterattacks. An ideal dodge followed by a counterattack kills several enemies in just one stroke. There is no greater joy than pulling a perfect dodge successfully.

If you have not played the original game on PS4, this is the time to make your move. The expansion of Iki Island is evidently the main attraction, and it is worth your money. There is an entire landmass for your character to explore.

The Storyline

Iki displays a personal tale as Jin is forced to come face-to-face with his past. He is a strong protagonist in the main game who is a little too likeable and stoic. And watching him carve a trail of justice throughout Tsushima was enough to make people root for his revenge. However, the expansion gives an extra dimension to Jin, enabling his personality to explore a little more. This is partial because Iki appears more solitary as none of the supporting characters is around. Therefore, the main focus remains on Jin and his past.

But Iki is not deserted as Jin tosses his sword in with various allies. However, in comparison to Tsushima, the new island is completely untamed. Overgrown constructions litter parts of the muddy roads, and the landscape disappears into tangled forests. It is an island that the Samurai failed to conquer, and now it’s home only to scattered groups of pirates and rogues. With regards to scale, Iki is somewhat the size of the map from the final act of the main campaign. However, it is more populated with landmarks, secrets, and locations. Overall, it will take you around 17 hours to take a complete tour of Iki.

It is a dense expansion, which is quite impressive. However, it is the story missions that stand out. As mentioned, Jin is playing with a personal stake which is preyed upon by the Eagle. He is a Mongol clan leader who leverages mysticism and poisons. Similar to Tsushima, the ultimate goal of Jin is to reduce the risk of Mongol invaders. However, the Eagle’s methods offer the expansion of various tones. Not only does Jin have to combat deadly enemies, but he also needs to wrestle with horrendous visions. It is a primarily psychological thing, which assists in setting the storyline apart from the wartime drama of the game.

The Excellent Gameplay

In terms of the gameplay, Iki does not stray away from the formula of Ghost of Tsushima. However, it does include welcome wrinkles to current mechanics with new tools that bolster certain playstyles. Considering the expansion can be accessed after you reach Act 2 in the main campaign, it is logical that Sucker Punch did not want to include any element that modifies the rules. Rather, Iki includes depth to the entire package. Whether you choose sword-to-sword battle, archery, or stealth, there is something hidden away on Iki that will make you reevaluate the approach.

Evidently, the expansion of Iki Island reinforces Ghost of Tsushima, and it has already become one of the best world titles that you can buy. However, if you didn’t like the main game, then chances are expansion will not change your mind.

The PS5 Haptic Feedback

In terms of PS5 features, it is the haptic feedback that makes a significant impact. Although it is not the most revolutionary example on the newest system of Sony, it does add immersive rumblings to almost everything. For instance, you can hear the thudding of the horse’s hooves in full force. In fact, it will also be able to feel the heartbeat pulses of Jin through the controller. Haptics undoubtedly breathes more life into the vibrant world of the game. And if you don’t enjoy the rumblings, you have the option to reduce the feedback or even turn it off completely.

Graphically, the Director’s Cut is completely the same as the PS4 version of the standard game. It continues to be dynamic 4K at 60 frames-per-second on PS5, and the performance is perfect. However, the Director’s Cut seems to enhance a couple of animations, and certain menus have established a welcome overhaul.

 Pros and Cons of The Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut


  • Excellent battle system
  • Gripping main mission
  • Excellent atmosphere
  • Top-notch Iki Island expansion
  • Beautifully designed open-world
  • Great feedback from PS5 haptic


  • Certain forced stealth sections
  • Unpolished display in certain areas

The Bottom Line

The Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut improves an already great open-world game. The Iki Island expansion is worth the price alone, offering another segment of fabulous Japanese landscape for Jin to explore at the same time digging into the past of the protagonist. An excellent range of story missions, as well as side quests, make for an extraordinary offshore expedition. When compared alongside the main campaign, the video is a must-buy for PS4 and PS5.

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