Lost Ark Sorceress Guide - Bring Out The Magic

The only job of the Sorceress in Lost Ark is to eliminate all her enemies and even friends of her enemies. If you are looking for a fun class to play within Lost Ark, Sorceress is your best option because she comes up with many different damage-dealing effects. Fire, lighting, and ice are the main damage dealers of Sorceress, and she is an Elementalist.

Be ready to expect the unexpected because she is a mage class and is able to pull off what is considered impossible. Levelup Sorceress to increase its overall stats with advanced leveling services from MMOPIXEL. For maximum stats, combine Sorceress with gems, magic crystals, and other engravings. Here is a complete Lost Ark Sorceress guide to help you conquer what comes in your way and become the ruler.

Best Engravings

Sorceress comes up with various high-level stuff, and new players waste their time understanding everything as they don't know where to start. If you are a sorceress lover but don't know where to start with her engravings, don't worry, as this article features information about the best engravings.

First of all, there are two engravings in the lost ark, and you can only choose once, so choose wisely. Engravings come in the end game category, but it is better to know everything as you will ultimately wear them at some point in the game. The igniter is the first engraving of Sorceress that features burst damage with a wide attack angle.

You will be able to kill multiple enemies simultaneously because of the angle of attack. Reflux is the second engraving focused on serious critical damage and steady effect casting. When fighting with a high-level boss, equip grudge as your main engraving as it boosts damage against them.

The precise dagger will boost the chance buff and the critical damage of the Sorceress. With the cursed doll, blast enemies with some powerful damage and increase your overall attacking power to finish the battle in a short time. The magick stream will help you take more damage by significantly increasing your HP so you will last longer.

Based on your current level, you can increase the defense of Sorceress by more than one hundred percent with the heavy armor engraving. Equip the adrenaline shock engraving if you want to cast spells on your enemies. It also stacks your damage output to deal large damage when you need it the most.

Although these are the best engravings tested by pro players, you should check out all the other available engravings. Experiment with engravings yourself and equip the best engraving according to your gameplay style and gear for maximum effect. 

Best Gems

With the right gems and strategy, you can take the base skills of Sorceress to a whole new level and do wonders with her like never before. After a while in Lost Ark, you will be able to deal enough damage with your base skills to kill enemies, but who doesn't like those extra stats. These gems can help you in performing an enhanced strike.

Some gems will boost up your character's damage, while others will decrease the cooldown time of skills. The reflux build is one of the best builds for those who want the best cooldown time. If you choose igniter as your main engraving, go with gems with whom you can charge the arcane torrent and the rupture action for the arcane gauge. Buy gems withlost ark gold to avoid all the grinding while having the best stats in the entire game.If you have plans to buy Lost Ark Gold  ,  MMOPixels can be your best choice. We will never let you down.

All Skills

To give you a better idea about who Sorceress is, here are all the skills you can equip. Some of these skills are PVP-oriented, while others are PVE oriented, so choose them carefully.

Normal Skills

  • Blaze: Deals fire damage with a forward rectangular flame
  • Lightning Vortex: Deals lighting damage with spherical lighting
  • Energy Discharge: Kill an enemy with damage inflicting magick bullet
  • Squall: Deal damage by three hits with the front whirlwind
  • Seraphic Hail: Deal water damage with a huge wave
  • Frost's Call: Deal water damage with a cold snap
  • Inferno: Deal fire damage and knock enemies into the air with a pillar of flame
  • Punishing Strike: Deal Light damage with a giant thunderstrike
  • Reverse Gravity: Knock enemies into the air and deal damage with a rift magick circle
  • Ice Shower: Deal water damage with the power of frost
  • Lightning Bolt: Deal light damage by firing lightning in the desired direction
  • Esoteric Reaction: Create a magic crystal that explodes to deal damage
  • Rime Arrow: Deal water damage by shooting various ice arrows
  • Explosion: Deal fire damage by shooting a flaming object at enemies
  • Elegian's Touch: Protects you from damage with magick protection
  • Doomsday: Deal fire damage by shooting a giant space rock

Awakening Skills

  • Enviska's Might: Deal lightning damage with lighting energy and explosion
  • Apocalypse Call: Throw meteor fragments to deal area of effect fire damage

Best Skills

Identity is a term in Lost Ark that refers to a character class's main skills. In the case of Sorceress, Arcana rupture and blink are her identity skills, and these skills define her true capabilities. Arcana rupture is the key reason behind such a great fan following of Sorceress, but it is the same reason why players her.

Overall, the arcana rupture skill comes up with some great effects to get the job done for you. As soon as you fully charge this skill, it will automatically turn into an arcane torrent, increasing its stats, including casting speed and overall damage output.

Blink is very unpopular among the gamer community, although she can create damage-dealing teleport. Go with blink if you don't have any other option left or you want to tackle things with a new approach.

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