How to Play Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Modes

Modern Warfare 2 is based on the last game of the sequences with new terrain, weapons, and modes. The new modes seem more interesting. Some even have a third-person perceptive; each one has a unique set of player count, map, and objectives. Some are set across large arenas suitable for full-scale war; some are enclosed for close combat style. There is an array of modes incorporated in Modern Warfare 2; now, you can taste each of those. To be victorious, you need to have a different game plan for each mode.


This mode is seemingly more straightforward than other ones. It is team-based gameplay like Kill Confirmed; you need to form your squad made of friends or strangers. You can use voice chat as effective communication for the unit to explore the map. Survey the terrain carefully to know which area is sparsely populated and which not. This gives you an insight into the enemy's location. Shotguns and SMGs are ideal weapons for this mode as they are light and effective in close-range fights. Try to stay behind closed doors, as in open spaces, you are more vulnerable to stray bullets from multiple directions.

This game is six versus six players; the match ends when your squad earns seventy-five points, the ultimate reward. The time limit is ten minutes before the game ends, even if you do not earn specific points.


In this mode, you need to seize and hold three objectives to earn points with a learning process. There are three segments in the map that need to be captured by your teammates; more points are allotted for those segments under the control of the enemy. Despite low skill, you have the potential to enhance your performance. Scrutinize various strategic points of the given map and identify the easiest escape route. No specific time limit is endorsed for this mode; the maximum score is two hundred, squad size of one to six members.

Search and Destroy

One platoon place explosive other party defends the objective. Once the explosive it needs to be defused before the impact. All you need to do is set the bomb or defuse it, depending upon which side you are. Shotguns or other short-range weapons are effective as you need to move fast and encounter the enemy at close range, so you need less response time. Smoke grenades and claymores are essential to distract enemies and hide from their vision. You can use many hacks, such as ESP and aimbot that enhance your combat skill. Log on to   to know more about these hacks and cheats. Two minutes is allotted for the mode, squad strength one to six.


This model is a fusion of Domination`s point control and Search and Destroy with no respawns. You will combat a strategic point of the map that sporadically rotates, and you need to defend it. The squad that reins the point has respawns stopped; if they squander the point, the feature is again enabled. Arsenal is a crucial aspect of this mode as you need to foil the attempts of the enemy to capture the point. If you assault the point, a good strategy and logistic is required; aggression from multiple directions disorient the guards. The maximum score is two hundred stipulated time is five minutes.

Kill confirmed

Kill Confirmed is different from Team Deathmatch though the essence is the same. You can customize the Loadouts to your preferred game style. Nevertheless, collect the dog tags after annihilating an enemy as it is the only way to progress in scores. The time limit for this mode is ten minutes, the maximum score is sixty-five, and the number of teammate’s numbers is the same as in other modes.


This version is an extended sequence of headquarters, given assignment is to capture control points of the area or fortify it against assault from enemies. Respawns are active in this sequence but optimizing your weapons and arsenal is of critical importance. Assigning responsibilities to comrades enhances the potentiality of success. The time limit is five minutes; the score limit is two hundred fifty, and team members have one to six personnel.   

Prisoner rescue 

One side protects the hostage, while the other side wants to evacuate the person to a safe place. As the episode lasts for only two minutes, a well pre-plan is essential swift but effective measures are called for the success of the task. To identify the passageway, intimate knowledge of the map is absolutely essential. If your team is liberating the hostage, avert as many lines of fire as possible.

Knock out

Fighting for a pot of money is the central theme of the sequence. Your team must capture the bag of money within the scheduled time of one and a half minutes. The focus should be to escort the persons of your squad carrying the loot; depending on your team`s combat capability, try to annihilate the entire enemy team; this will give conquest by default.

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