Interesting May Releases on Switch

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Online game providers, such as Nintendo Switch, had launched interesting games last year. Some big names have slipped into 2021. Nintendo Switch has proven to be a capable competitor of Xbox and PlayStation.

Here are some of the most interesting games that have been released on Switch recently.

Skate City

Skate City is a game that was released on Switch on 6th May. It is going to take players through iconic locations based on real-time skate sports in Oslo, Barcelona, and Los Angeles. In this game, you can easily pull off realistic tricks just like a professional. There are hundreds of combinations, including grinds, grabs, flip tricks, and manuals. You can complete the 100 challenges or simply relax and ride at your own speed.

You can pick up new trucks, decks, shoes, wheels, clothes and glasses to customize your skater. The game lets you change the skin tone, hairstyle, upgrade abilities, and unlock new moves. It lets you capture the best run using the in-game tools and share them with your friends. The game has a soundtrack of atmospheric lo-fi beats.

Famicom Detective Club Game

In case you are a fan of thrillers, this is the right game for you. With this game, you can find the secret behind the rumour of a haunted Japanese high school. In this, you are going to interrogate various suspects and look for clues for piecing together mysterious conundrums that plague the high school in Japan. The suspense will intensify as you make attempts to free the students in the schools from the nightmare. You will have to figure out the culprit before it gets too late.

You will be accompanied by Ayumi Tachibana, the first-year student at the high school. The music, sound effects, and graphics have been upgraded for the Nintendo Switch system. If you want, you can opt for the 8-bit soundtrack. The game was released on Switch on the 14th of May.


This is a game that will put you in the driver’s seat, literally. You will get to drive a powerful vehicle that conquers the open environment with the best terrain simulation that you have ever seen. There are 40 different vehicles for you to drive, such as Freightliner, Chevrolet, and Ford.

In the game, you will have to overcome torrential waters, mud, frozen lakes, and snow while you take on dangerous missions and contracts. You can customize and expand your fleet with several accessories and upgrades, including an exhaust snorkel that has been designed for heavy waters. There are dozens of challenges for you to complete across the interconnected world. You can play solo or with other players. This game was released on the 18th of May.

Just Die Already

There is plenty of unguided fun you can have with Just Die Already. It starts with an escape from a care institution. From this point, whatever takes place is completely up to you. The cityscape has been drawn in cartoonish colours. There are narrow streets with cars plummeting around, and you find them smashing into each other. You can climb buildings, explore at will, throw fireworks, raid shops, and watch the results.

Your ageing character is going to flail around the world wildly, taking bombs, knives, and basketballs. The game provides you with a list of challenges and tasks that require you to solve puzzles. It was released on 20th May and has already become quite popular.

Knockout City

The game was released on 21st May 2021. But this is not your ordinary dodge ball. It has been amped with many features. The developer has made it a team-based multiplayer game. It is one of those games that you can easily pick up. However, it has a complex gameplay hardcore competitive gamers will love to master.

The rule is quite simple. You and your team have to eliminate the opposing team simply by nailing them with a ball spawning across the map. In order to be knocked out, a player has to be hit twice. Remember, there are multiple ways to throw the ball.

Bottom Line

There is a lot to be excited about the latest Switch releases. The list has been carefully curated. With the Nintendo Switch Lite and OLED model, the gaming console company is making a mark. There are several Switch fans that are looking for the best games to buy and have fun.

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