How Casino Games Have Benefitted From the Video Games Industry

Video gaming and online casinos are two of the biggest industries in the world. The video game sector has sharply increased both its scope and size in recent decades. It is now the largest force in the entertainment sector, worth more than both the music and film industry combined. 65% of all American adults play video games, that’s 164 million gamers in the US alone. The figures for the online gambling industry are equally impressive. It is estimated that the global online gambling market will surpass $60billion by the end of 2021.

There has always been a crossover between the two industries, and in recent years it has become increasingly difficult for the casual observer to differentiate between the two. Online casinos continue to use gamification to attract new players and keep current players entertained. But how exactly are casinos benefitting from gamification?

What exactly is gamification, and why is it being used?

The online gambling industry is moving into its third decade. In terms of web-based innovation, that makes it a relative veteran. With so many years behind them, online casinos are always looking for creative ways to hook new players and keep the older ones coming back for more. One hurdle they have to overcome is that newer generations of gamblers are used to the high-quality graphics and playability of computer games. To capture and hold their attention, new methods were needed.

Enter gamification. Using tried and tested aspects from video games, casinos added new components to online gambling’s standard format. Adding video game elements to casinos allows the casinos to take games that are virtually identical on rival platforms and give them a unique twist that separates them from the rest. It is also an effective way of encouraging players to come back to specific casinos to continue their progress and reach new levels within the game. Players are always looking for new and better ways to play. As technology increases, casinos develop faster, better looking and more exciting games. Take for example Casino Secret and their popular slots game Gonzo’s Quest, in this game Gonzo is on a quest to search Eldorado for gold. If you want to learn more about Gonzo’s Quest and Casino Secret’s other range of slots read this article by Japan 101 which also includes a nice welcome bonus for first time players.

How is it being used and why it’s working

There are many different ways gamification increases the playability and loyalty of customers to specific games or casinos. One of the most simple methods, one which video games have incorporated way back since the days of arcade games, is player leaderboards. Players are keen to increase their social status and reputation amongst peers and leaderboards tap into this desire. The ability to track game results, and compare them with the efforts of strangers and friends, keeps players coming back to try and beat their high scores. Closely tied in with leaderboards is the newer world of player accomplishments. This mechanic offers points or prizes to players once they reach certain milestones, and is another excellent way of encouraging players to play for longer.

Story-based quests and missions are a vital part of video gaming. The world of gambling also incorporates this element into casino games. Adding progressive missions to slot games gives them a whole new feel, and once players feel a sense of commitment to one game, they are more likely to come back to continue their progress.

Levelling up and player unlocks are another familiar video game mechanic that has been brought into online casinos. Again, once a player has committed a certain amount of hours to levelling themselves up and unlocking certain features, they will feel a sense of loyalty to that platform that is not possible with traditional casino games.

What does the future hold for online casinos?

Gamification of online casinos shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. The doors of innovation are blown wide open. There is no doubt that the features mentioned here and many more will be a part of gambling for many years to come. The mission and quest elements of games will likely become more in-depth and immersive as gamification continues. Leaderboards and achievements are such a powerful way of attracting repeat players that they’re sure to stick around for a long while.

Meanwhile, the world of eSports is snowballing, and the amount of people waging money on the outcome of these games is growing with it. It seems inevitable that eSports and online casinos will grow closer together.

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