Why are Xbox and PlayStation Beginning to Cater to the Mobile Gaming Industry

Recently, Xbox and PlayStation have been seen to have put more of a focus on the mobile industry, whether that be through making their games playable through mobile or having some sort of app or system that co-exists and improves a game.

There are numerous reasons why this is the case, and it is more than likely that as more time passes Xbox and PlayStation will cater to the mobile gaming industry even more.

In this article, we will be discussing exactly why popular gaming brands like Xbox and PlayStation are beginning to put more and more of a focus on the mobile gaming industry, and what the future of the gaming industry is going to be like going forward.

Access to a Whole New Customer-Base

It’s a widely known fact that when companies enable their services to be used on phones, they perform drastically better.

A Good example of this is when the online casino’s companies optimize their websites for phones, allowing users to play online slots from anywhere and not even requiring a computer.

This exact same phenomenon is likely what Xbox and PlayStation are trying to replicate.

The mobile gaming industry is still a mostly untapped market full of millions of new potential customers, which is why we are beginning to see large corporations getting involved so they don’t miss out.

If a company was able to successfully breach into the mobile gaming industry, they would likely be in for an extremely lucrative venture.

Already Established & Popular Brands

Both Xbox and PlayStation have brands that are hugely influential and popular, which gives them a huge advantage with any venture they wish to partake in.

Furthermore, because of the substantial net worth that Xbox and PlayStation have paired with their popularity, this means that they also have the capital to force their way into any other industry.

The mobile gaming industry is still in its infancy, just waiting to be gobbled by large corporations who will be more than capable of turning said industry into a profitable business.

Xbox and PlayStation are both seemingly looking to capitalise on this aforementioned fact, and their wealth and reputation are more than large enough to draw in a plethora of people into the gaming industry.

It makes perfect sense for the two biggest gaming console producers to try and get in on the action, and it's likely that we are going to see them play a big role in the rise of the mobile gaming industry.

All in all, the fact that large corporations are beginning to pay more attention to the mobile gaming industry will more than likely have a net positive effect.

In the future, we may even see all console games being able to be played on mobile, or even an Xbox or Microsoft gaming phone.

It's interesting to see how this will play out in the future, and we can't wait to see what lies in store for the gaming industry.

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