How to earn gold in World of Warcraft Classic

After the resounding success of the Litch King version of the update, the World of Warcraft series, although still big online, is experiencing an outflow of online over time and game developers from Blizzard have to make new decisions.

This is how World of Warcraft Classic was born, which became the starting point for lovers of nostalgia with the best gaming solutions from Litch King, but with updated graphics.

New players who have just come to conquer Azeroth may face a lack of understanding where and how to earn gold, especially in the WoW version, which is considered hardcore and is designed to bring fans of grinding and difficult tasks back to the game servers.

How to earn WoW Classic Gold:

  1. Just buy it
  2. Complete quests and story missions.
  3. Master and develop professions

Just buy it

Gold in World of Warcraft Classic is needed constantly and a lot - equipment, weapons, jewelry, consumables for raids - banks of healing and restoration, and much more. To make it easier for yourself to start the game, you can simply buy some gold.

Visit - select the appropriate section and amount, fill in all the required fields and the manager will contact you to clarify the details of the order and discuss the time and place of the transfer of gold. Then follow all the necessary instructions, as they are designed to avoid potential game sanctions (RMT is prohibited, but if everything is done correctly, then you can).

The service should be considered as an opportunity to work with professional players who can upgrade your character, or even teach him to play at a high level - it will be easier and more pleasant to win PVP under the guidance of an experienced mentor.

The fire mage is quite difficult to perform and does not survive well in close contact, but if you are trained by a professional, you can control the character in such a way as to cause maximum damage and avoid close contact with the enemy.

Complete quests and story missions

Depending on the choice of faction - Alliance or Horde and races - Human, Dwarf, Blood Elf, Orc and others, the starting NPC and the name of the first task will depend, but the essence will be the same - WoW Classic will take the player under guardianship for the duration of training and dating with the main game mechanics and features of the game through the quest system.

Quests will bring experience that will increase the level of the character, gold, equipment and weapons of various strengths, taking into account the level and consumables.

A character who takes a quest in Azeroth should be careful - there may be NPCs nearby who offer an additional task in the same region as the main quest, and by taking both tasks the player will be able to receive not only the main reward, but also an additional one and increase their chances of knocking out what something valuable directly while hunting monsters.

For example, the quest - Worgen in the forest. Available from level 31 and consists of a chain of tasks available only to representatives of the Alliance faction. As a result, the player will receive a Consecrated Wand - a staff for magical classes with fast stats.

Master and develop professions

Professions are skills and abilities that both factions can learn for new sources of income and the prospect of creating weapons, armor, costume jewelry, consumables and elixirs with their own hands.

The player can choose only two main professions that he can develop to a high level, and given the difficulty of pumping and the reward, you should carefully consider the choice.

What you should pay attention to:

Professions are collective - that is, they are needed to collect consumables from which equipment and weapons will be created. For example - herbalism, mining, skinning,

Profession creators convert all resources into new game items of various types - heavy, light and magical armor. Weapons and jewelry, elixirs and first aid.

Professions are very dependent on each other and if you choose for example blacksmithing and skinning, then there will actually not be a combination and a large amount of resources for crafting.

You can take two gathering professions if you just plan to farm a lot and sell all the drops. Then skinning and mining are perfect. By the way, consumables for magic armor are knocked out without a special profession, so you will have three sources of resources for sale.

Two crafting professions can be taken if you have secondary characters with access to resource farming. For example, blacksmithing and jewelry making are very lucrative and profitable professions, since blacksmiths create most of the equipment, and jewelers make costume jewelry and sockets to enhance weapons.

Ideal Combinations:

  1. Mining and Craft - mine ores and gems, smelt and create ingots that will help you improve your blacksmithing craft. You can dress up your character, or sell ready-made equipment.
  2. Skinning and Leatherworking - Skin slaughtered animals for leather and light armor. Hunters will gladly buy equipment from you.
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