Virtual reality: A new world of online gambling

Decades before, there was little to no attention and support given to online casinos. Players were hesitant to transition from land-based establishments to online platforms because, let’s face it, no one at that time could replicate the glamour and sophistication found in the physical setting. That was the challenge that paved the way to what we have now.

Thanks to today’s advanced technologies, brilliant software providers and casino operators, there are live matches on online sportsbooks, mobile-friendly games, live casinos, and now, virtual reality casinos. From what it is and how it positively expands iGaming (online gambling), let’s find out here.

About virtual reality

Virtual reality (VR) offers a completely immersive experience with its computer-generated environments. Using electronic devices like a headset and goggles shuts out the physical world by simulating various senses to take you to an artificial three-dimensional space.

VR’s innovative concept stems back to the mid-20th century. Decades have passed, and various developments have come, it’s now within almost everyone’s reach. It is so real that it is in the process of completely expanding the scope of iGaming. So, here is everything you need to get you all excited about the virtual reality casino.

Online vs. live vs. virtual reality casinos

Access to the web is the major common ground between the three platforms. When it comes to immersive interaction, however, VR is the closest and most advanced tech of them all. Plus, its setting could be done online or live.

Live dealer games are played in real-time with real-life players and dealers through online streaming. Online casino games, on the other hand, have to stimulate everything. From how you play them and how they give payouts are managed by a software called a random number generator (RNG). In other words, the latter is automatic and predetermined, whereas the former bridges the gap between land-based and online gambling.

Now that there is VR tech, imagine how engaging casino games would be. Whether you play them in real-time or powered by an RNG, what’s more important is that it brings the actual casino experience to you. Here are some of its exciting features you ought to know about:

  • In-game chats: Are you one of those players who normally sit in casino lounges and converse with other people? That is now possible on the VR platform. In fact, as it continues to create close-to-reality experiences, simulations like smoking a cigarette or drinking a beverage are available.

  • Variety of characters or avatars: VR is all about delivering immersive experiences. So, in order to perfectly portray your gaming preferences, it also offers various choices of avatars or characters.

  • VR casino games: Hit 21, create the best hand, and spin the jackpot realistically on VR casinos. Since the concept is still in its infancy, only a few software providers and operators are committed to producing 3D casino games. Some of the notable examples are as follows:

    • Starburst by Microgaming

    • Gonzo’s Quest by Net Entertainment (NetEnt)

    • Jack and the Beanstalk by NetEnt

    • Miss Midas by NextGen

    • Blackjack Bailey VR by Icandy Interactive and Hologram Software

Of course, to achieve this kind of experience in a virtual reality casino, a few valuable pieces of equipment are needed. Examples are:

  • Headphones/Earphones

  • A PC with USB 3.0 support

  • Sensors

  • 2x USB 3.0 ports and HDMI 1.3

  • Controllers

  • Headset

  • Controllers and treadmills (these are more optional)

  • 8GB RAM.

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