A beginner’s guide to online gaming

Anyone interested in online gaming knows that this sector has experienced a real boom over the last few decades. The recent technological developments have greatly contributed to the popularity of online games.

In this article, you will learn about the different types of online games. We will go over the different gaming experiences and modes available and how you can find the right one for you. Then, we will tell you about the different types of platforms that exist and where these games can be played.

What are the different types of online games available to players?

There are a variety of online games available to gamers. Some of the most famous types of online games include:

  • MMOs
  • Shooters (FPS and TPS)
  • Puzzles
  • Action-adventure
  • Real-time strategy (RTS)
  • Simulation and sports
  • Online gambling games such as bingo and casino games

In this article, we will discuss MMOs, Shooters, Bingo and Puzzle games in more depth.

What are MMOs?

The term ‘MMOs’ stands for Massively Multiplayer Online games. This means that players play against thousands, sometimes millions, of other players simultaneously.

Massively Multiplayer Online games are accessible on PC. Some of the most famous MMOs include ‘World of Warcraft’, ‘Final Fantasy’ and ‘Lost Ark’.

These games are suitable for players who want to play with other gamers in a large gaming universe. Players can find these games on different platforms depending on the game.

For example, ‘World of Warcraft’ is only available on PCs. But, ‘Final Fantasy IV’ can be played on PC, Mobile and PSP.   

MMO games are commonly played on a PC rather than a handheld device.

What are online bingo games?

There are some games that you do not automatically associate with the online gaming format. Surprisingly enough, many games have found a second life thanks to the virtual world.

An example of this is bingo. Some people might think of bingo as a game that can only be played in groups and in-person.

But actually, bingo is now available on the internet as well and is actually thriving as an online game. The game is now very popular thanks to the online bingo games available on gaming platforms.

There are several other reasons behind the increasing popularity of bingo. For example, bingo is more popular now that it is easily accessible online. Online bingo is particularly convenient because it lets gamers play whenever and wherever.

Another reason is the variety of gaming options available on online bingo sites. Many providers now offer bingo and slot games to their players, for example Costa Bingo slots offer a range of themed slot games for when bingo players fancy a change in gameplay. So players can head to one site to play their favourite bingo and slots games.

The variety of bingo sites available also means more free trials and advantageous bonuses for players. Gamers can also choose to play bingo without betting real money on certain sites.

Gambling games have become popular online, including online bingo.

What are Shooters games?

Shooters games represent a different category of online games. There are two types of Shooters games: First-Person Shooter (FPS) or Third-Person Shooter (TPS).

The rules of the game are the same for both types. The players will have to kill their enemies by shooting them in both types of Shooters games.

The only difference between FPS and TPS is the design of the game. With FPS, gamers will see their character’s weapon and will view the entire game from their character’s perspective.

With TPS, players have a third-person camera view which allows them to see their character on screen. Because of this, they will not see the game through their character’s perspective.

Some of the most famous FPS games include:

  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
  • Half-Life 2
  • Halo: Combat Evolved.

Shooters games are nice for players who like war-like games.

Once again, you can play shooters games on different devices depending on the game. Call of Duty 4 can be played on PCs.

What are online puzzle games?

Online puzzle games include Sudokus, crosswords, jigsaws and word search games, among others.

These games are family and children-friendly because they are less violent than other types of online games.

Some of the most popular puzzle games include:

  • Candy Crush Saga
  • Jewelanche
  • Crush the Castle

These puzzle games tend to be available on mobile devices and on PCs.

How to find gaming reviews and gaming hubs?

We recommend that you read gaming reviews before testing a new video game. Gaming reviews can give you some insight into the game and help you decide whether it will suit your gaming preferences.

You can find gaming reviews on several platforms including websites, Youtube, Reddit and other forums. You can also follow some famous gamers and watch their livestreams before buying a game.

There are also several gaming hubs on social media platforms that can help you find your next game.

Some gaming hubs give players access to several game streaming apps and consoles all on one platform.

The most recent example of a large gaming hub is the Samsung Gaming Hub that will launch later this year.

Final thoughts

In this article, we have discussed some of the online games available to players. We’ve then specified what each type of game is, where it can be found, and we’ve mentioned several games that fit in each category.

We also gave some advice on finding gaming reviews and joining gaming hubs. These tips and this information will help you find the appropriate game for you.

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