How Gambling How Evolved Over Time

Gambling in recent times has grown into an industry powerhouse in which we cannot seem to go anywhere in our everyday without noticing some form of advertising for gambling on a sporting event or any event as the avenues for gambling now are virtually endless. However, this has only been possible due to the journey that gambling has been on over the years and below we look at just how it has evolved.

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Gambling dates back to the very early decades, with there being proof back in 100AD that people were rolling dice and playing card but of course this has since developed now with the use of modern technology. However, it’s had many twists and turns along the way due to the nature of the business.

Making profit through gambling was first announced back in the 1790’s when Harry Ogden became a bookmaker and started laying prices and odds-on horses in which punters would choose their favourites from. Initially it was illegal to gamble on horses and had to be done on the black market however it was in the 1800s when bookies as we now know were set up and were allowed to place gambling odds on other sport other than horse racing.

It was revolutionary back in 1961 when the first legalised betting shops seamed to find themselves onto the market, and within on a short period of time after the law was changed, over 10,000 betting shops were opened due to the lucratively of the business. This really shown the spotlight on the industry and created the industry we know today in the mainstream.

Since then, the online world though has taken over and betting shops have slowly started to decrease in numbers as the digital age has taken over we are now seeing more and more punters use online alternatives compared to back in the day when betting shops were the only way to gamble. Online alternatives include everything from sports betting, to online casinos or even the new trend which eSports which is due to be the next big trend in the gambling world.

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