What We Know About Blizzard’s Survival Game

Image from gamesradar.com
Image from gamesradar.com

It seems that 2022 is set to be a great year for big releases – new exclusives to hit the console market have been long anticipated, some bigger PC releases with a new MMORPG that has found success in the east already, and of course the thriving mobile scene that has seen the expansion in a number of genres including a number of other casinos online in particular. The big surprises that have come are from Respawn Entertainment that announced a new Star Wars title on the side, and from Blizzard Entertainment as an untitled survival game was announced through a blog post – but what exactly do we know about this game?

For the time being – not much at all, there haven’t been any finer details released other than that it is production, and that Blizzard is recruiting, as well as a small bit of detail from the promo art, but there’s a lot of information also available from other sources and what we haven’t been told that’s easy to deduct from the existing timeline and what we know moving forward. It’s safe to say the game has already had a bit of production time and may have started at some point in the past two-years, this does mean that a potential release date is still quite some time away, but also means that an alpha or beta period may be much closer than what may have been thought otherwise too.

It has also been reported that even those who have become frustrated with Blizzard and scorned former-employees of the company, that there is a lot of promise within this game and that from what has already been seen it looks to be something to get excited over – it’s worth taking this with a pinch of salt, but if these reports are to be believed then that’s certainly a big bonus too. It’s unlikely that the recently announced deal with Microsoft will play any bearing into the platforms the game is released upon meaning it likely won’t be an Xbox exclusive, but there’s always a possibility – it does however mean the game may likely be released just in time for the partnership to pay dividends as the game could quickly end up on Xbox Game Pass making it easily accessible to those looking to play.

There’s a big gap in the survival market and done well this game could certainly fill that void – as the first unique IP from Blizzard Entertainment since the release of Overwatch in 2015, it’s an exciting time to be a fan, and an exciting time to see something new.

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