Here Are Six Great Formula 1 Video Games That All Motorsports Fans Must Will Love

Formula 1 games are usually what turns a casual motorsport fan into an avid one. Over the years, us Formula 1 fans, as well as sports fans in general, have had plenty of great games to keep us highly entertained, and in the following article we are going to take a look at some of the best F1 video games. If you are a Formula 1 fan and you have not played any of these games, we highly recommend you try and find them and give them a go, although we fully appreciate that some might be impossible to get your hands on.

F1 - Sega Mega Drive

There was a time, believe it or not, where getting a perfectly rendered Grand Prix video game was not possible. Instead of this, you would have a very pixelated version of a basic F1 calendar. The tunnels and bridges in this game bore no true relation to the real-life circuits, and the backdrops did leave a lot to be desired, but these were the only standards available in the early 1900s and gave gamers the best Formula 1 experience possible. This game was the first Formula 1 video game to capture the true speed of motorsport.

Formula One Grand Prix - PC

You cannot create a lot of great F1 games and not have something by Geoff Crammond appear on the list. When his programming career began, he did not care too much for motorsports, but he still decided to try and create a Formula 3 game back in 1984 and the rest, as they say, is history. His first Formula 1 game was released seven years later and was an instant hit. Despite the fact that it did not have official licensing, the game had groundbreaking physics and accurate circuits, which meant that Formula 1 fans that played this game could identify the track they are playing on. Such was its success that there were three sequels that had official licensing and come the middle of the 90s it was still known as one of the best PC games ever.

Formula 1 97 - PlayStation

This was Sony's second Formula 2 game, and it features the dulcet tones of Murray Walker, who was a favourite commentator of many Formula 1 fans. This game features every team and driver participating in the 1997 season apart from Jacques Villeneuve. In this game you could play Grand Prix or Arcade mode, with the former giving you a full Championship experience where you have the challenges of tire wear, fuel load, and front wings damage. It is this realism that made this Formula 1 game one of the best of its era.

Anyone who is into Formula 1 betting will probably know plenty about tire wear, fuel load, and front wings damage as they are three factors that have probably cost them a Formula 1 bet at some stage in the past. There really is nothing more annoying than signing up with the best F1 bookie sites, placing a bet, and then watching it lose because of a forced pit stop because of tire wear. Luckily though, if you go on to lose a race in Formula 1 97 because of tire wear, you will not be losing any of your hard-earned money.

F1 2013 - Xbox 360, PC, and PS3

Codemasters have been creating Formula 1 games for many years and it is no exaggeration for us to say that they nailed it with this game. F1 2013 was the sequel to F1 2012 and Codemasters will probably be one of the first to admit that they did not get it entirely right with F1 2021. Now, we are not saying that there was anything majorly wrong with it, we just think it was pretty boring. However, this was rectified in F1 2013 as Codemasters gave Formula 1 fans the chance to drive cars from yesteryear. They even added in custom graphics and a filter to improve the classic car experience, and this was a touch that many Formula 1 fans appreciated. The classic cars turned out to be a great addition as they offered a break from the 2013 cars.

F1 2020 - Xbox One, PC, PS4

This is the latest Formula 1 video game offering from Codemasters and it can definitely be classified as one of the best Formula 1 games on the market at the moment. Codemasters added a new feature to this game that is called "My Team". With this feature, you can create your very own team to enter the Formula 1 world. You have to make important decisions such as where to buy your engine from, for example. You can splash out on a lovely engine to improve your vehicle, but the more that you spend on an engine, the less money you will have for your driver. You have to start off at the bottom and then try and weave your magic and make your way to the very top of the Formula 1 echelon.

F1 Race Stars - PC, Xbox 360 and PS3

In 2012, Codemasters decided to take a step away from great simulated Formula 1 experiences and provide their legions of fans with a Mario Kart-like game. This game features all drivers and cars from the 2012 circuit, and you compete on tracks that are similar to those circuits you would find in the real Formula 1 word. For instance, on the Silverstone track you will be able to notice the start finish straight, but then you enter a British village that is obviously not part of Silverstone. However, after that you race across an airfield, which is another refers to Silverstone. With different weapons and power-ups available, this is a great game for casual Formula 1 gamers. Serious Formula 1 fans might say that it is a waste of time, but they need to lighten up a bit and see it for what it is meant to be - a bit of fun.

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