Top 5 Steps to Create the Perfect Funding Ad

In this article you will find the golden rules to follow to run an effective campaign and how to maintain relationships with your sponsors to fund your online project. As interesting as it may sound, just having a good idea is not enough. Whether you want to raise investment to develop a mobile game or ask for funding for your account at one of the Android casinos (as like here in order to stream that how you play in online slots, it doesn't matter. The first thing you need is preparation and dedication.

6. Preparatory phase

Support for projects, monetary or otherwise, doesn't happen by itself. It is up to the initiator of the project to assume the bulk of the promotional effort. It is necessary to invest time and energy and to communicate regularly during the campaign. In all cases, it is important to be proactive, persistent and dedicated (preferably as a team), otherwise the project may not succeed.

Advice: Make a list of all the strengths and potential qualities of the project. Make another list of potentially interested people and institutions. Choose the best communication window and the appropriate tools. Update the contact list as the campaign progresses.

5. Develop a plan and arouse curiosity

Do not hesitate to share your doubts, write detailed explanations on the points that deserve it, and play the game of questions/answers with your followers, which will give visibility to your project. Regularly review the progress of the campaign. Don't hesitate to contact people or events that are even remotely related. It is important to always respond in a positive way. Remember that the rewards are not always material, just as your needs are not necessarily financial.

Advice: The news section of the project works like a blog, which should be used as much as possible during the whole campaign. Each post, including images & videos, has a unique link that you can easily share and spread.

4. Where is your community?

A campaign is the perfect excuse to spend time discovering new websites and joining like-minded groups. It's a good idea to spend some time identifying them, contacting them and, if there's an affinity, telling them about the project and inviting them to view your project.

Advice: Don't hesitate to engage in web discussions related to the project. Conduct keyword searches in search engines (some have dedicated blog and forum sections). Social networks such as Facebook or Twitter also have dedicated search engines.

3. Lean on your supporters

Use communication with your supporters (in moderation!) to solicit new ideas and contacts, including relaying your messages to their own networks.

Advice: Go through your address book, contact all those who have already supported you in the past. Among them, there will be a person or an institution to co-finance you and relay your appeal through its own channels.

2. Combine multiple communication channels

Apart from social networks, where regular posts to friends and followers report on the progress of the campaign, it is important to combine different channels, from the traditional mailing list to calls. Likewise, the more widely you broadcast in the real world, the better the return.

Advice: Communicate about the project news on all channels to get the word out. In general, it's better to send short messages frequently than to send a few stodgy press releases.

1. The first few days are important

Project leaders should start their campaign with their community and close friends, colleagues and acquaintances. As a general rule, only projects that mobilize 20-30% of the minimum threshold from the start will attract others (herd behavior). 

Advice: When soliciting the people you are closest to (those who will be most supportive), be sure to stress the importance of contributing as soon as possible, in order to generate an initial build-up of trust and attract other co-funders to your project.

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