The Best Sports Games So Far in 2018

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Sports video games have always been a popular genre for those that are fans of professional sports and are looking for games that capture the action of those sports. With great game releases so far in 2018, players will enjoy the best of the best when they learn about the game titles that will soon be available. Many great games are based on sports and these feature professional teams and players, allowing the player to create their own team and engage in series and season play and much more. The best sports games are created by reliable and reputable companies and they make use of amazing features to offer slow motion replays, close-up action, game tactics and strategy and so much more. Get ready to learn about the exciting games that are already available in 2018.

Madden NFL 2018 and NBA2K18

Many players want to get in on the action of major sports games and will want to play games that are realistic. With games that highlight the action of NFL games and teams, fans of football will be entertained and thrilled with the gaming experience that is available. One of the top releases in 2018 is Madden NFL 2018. This amazing game is the 29th Madden NFL game to be released and it features Tom Brady on the cover. The game is offered by EA Sports and is now available for PS4 and Xbox One. This new game offers some great features, such as the added Franchise Mode, the ability to create MUT squads and make coaching adjustments and the new Target Passing element.

Sports games are appealing to thousands of players worldwide and in addition to playing great video games like Madden NFL 2018, fans of sports can engage in real money betting online. With online sports betting, punters can place wagers on leading sports from all over the world, including baseball, hockey, football, basketball and even college sports. It is simple to get started and in just a few minutes, bettors will be able to bet here after they create an account. They will then be able to engage in the excitement of in-play betting, live betting, and many more betting options on other sports. New bettors will also qualify for a sports betting bonus, which they can use to bet on sports. Sportsbooks offer lines on the most popular sports in the world, including darts, pool, tennis, soccer, motorsports, horse racing, and football.

In terms of basketball, no game that is more enjoyable than NBA2K18. This simulation video game is the 19th of the NBA 2K series and is available for play on multiple consoles. Several game modes are present with this title, including MyLeague and MyGM modes. There is also a MyCareer mode that allows players to play through their own career as a pro in the NBA. In addition to all current NBA teams, the game also features the 1995-96 Bulls and the 1985-86 Celtics. The game has outstanding animations and graphics and there is a great soundtrack that features 49 different songs that can be selected while enjoying the intense basketball action. Basketball fans have enjoyed the game since its release in September of 2017.

MLB The Show 18

Baseball is one of the most watched and enjoyed sports in the US, so it is not surprising that gamers want to enjoy this activity in the form of a video game. With MLB The Show 18, players will enjoy the 13th MLB game and this will be released in late March of 2018. The game has been created by Sony Interactive Entertainment and will feature Aaron Judge on the cover. Play-by-play commentators in the game will include Dan Plesac, Mark DeRosa and Matt Vasgersian.

This authentic game will feature all the stadiums in the league and players can take control of an entire real or choose their favorite players to create a team of their own. With a roster of over 2,000 players, this baseball game is one that will provide hours of sports thrills and some amazing streamlined features allow for quick gameplay. Players will have the choice of playing full games, 3 inning games and more and there are many modes that can be enabled, such as Manager Mode, Retro Mode, Quick Counts and Critical Situations. One of the exciting features is that players do not have to lose any of their progress from The Show 19. Any saves that have been made on Road to The Show and Franchise will be carried over, so players can pick up where they left off last season. This game can be played offline by one to four players or online with one or two players.

NHL ’18 and EA Sports UFC 3

Soccer, Hockey and Ultimate Fighting cannot be overlooked when it comes to amazing video games and in 2018, each of these sports are well represented with some outstanding titles. Soccer is a growing sport that is enjoyed all over the world, especially in Europe. With many European football teams and leagues, the sport is quite popular. The video game FIFA ’18 captures the sport in the US and presents a great way to enjoy soccer and manage teams to compete against each other for the championship.

Some other exciting sports video games players are already enjoying in 2018 include NHL ’18 and EA Sports UFC 3. These Hockey and fighting games are loaded with exceptional features that present a thrilling gaming experience for any fans of the sport. Sports based video games have remained popular over the years and with each year, the games become more advanced and intriguing. They offer amazing graphic displays that are quite realistic and even include all of the latest stats for each and every player of the sport. In addition to these releases that are already being played, gamers will have much to look forward to in 2018 with these great releases and in addition to these, many other games focus on sports and sporting events. With hundreds of football, basketball, golf, racing and other games, there will be something to meet the needs of even the most avid gamer. 2018 is already a great year in terms of video game releases and players can take the field with their favorite teams and stars to play interactive and engaging games.

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