How Bisexual Relationships Are Implemented in Modern Games all over the World, from Australia to the USA

Did you know that there are over 3 billion gamers, making it the world’s most popular hobby by some distance? Whether games are enjoyed on Xboxes, PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, TV screens, or whatever, they provide an excellent way of winding down. They are also wonderful for socializing. For instance, if you happen to identify as bisexual, you could meet kindred spirits over your shared love of games. Let’s take a closer look at which titles particularly chime with the bi community, from Australia to the USA, and how playing them could boost your romantic life.

Exploring the Digital Environment

It would be only natural for bi individuals to find it difficult to track down ideal partners for a relationship. In social settings, it’s difficult to tell who’s on the same wavelength, which is why many choose to go online. For instance, anyone identifying in this way might want to check out bisexual dating sites in Australia made for bi Aussies seeking like-minded people. They could pore over reviews of the most recommended outlets catering to this demographic, with assessments of which are the most user-friendly or what features are available for connecting with other bisexuals. For anyone who also loves gaming, the chat rooms on these sites are the ideal places for interacting with others who share your passion.

Popular Video Games

Saints Row

This is one of the best games focused on bisexuality. Your character is liable to be hit on by males or females and might have a previous history with either sex.

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

The massively popular Assassins series has gained legions of fans from Australia to the US. As well as becoming immersed in a thrilling fantasy world, the game has been designed for characters to get familiar with whoever they’re attracted to, boy or girl.


What better way for anyone who is bisexual to express themselves than this simulation game, which is totally inclusive? As you start making your way through this creative world, the very first thing you will be asked is to express who you want to be. If you want to be a bi character, that’s fine.

Adapting to the Real World

The key to making the most of bisexual-oriented video games is to play with a partner who also identifies with the on-screen scenarios. As you take control of the consoles and interact in a variety of settings, you can find out so much about each other. Many games rely on making choices at certain points, and in some instances, these will be determined by who you’d like to have a relationship with. If you gravitate to males or females, you’ll never find yourself judged. The digital environment is way ahead of the game in terms of representing people from every background, from cis to transgender, straight to LGBT. These are universal sentiments, whether you’re playing as a couple in Sydney or San Francisco. Another huge advantage of being into games is that new titles are being released all the time, from sequels to favorites to brand-new ones.

There are many reasons for the massive popularity of gaming across the globe. For one, getting immersed in the alternative dimensions depicted in such vivid detail can provide a temporary escape from the daily grind. But, as illustrated, games are also terrific for bringing players together. In the gaming universe, anyone identifying as bisexual, bi-curious, or indeed, any one of the many terms covered by LGBT will never be judged. Whether you prefer simulation games or no-nonsense shoot-em-ups, enjoying the action is one of the most inclusive leisure activities available.

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