Fortnite Unveiled: Exploring the Phenomenon Behind the Battle Royale Sensation

Battle Royale games have become very popular over the past few years. Sometime after the release of the acclaimed PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the world saw another masterpiece in a similar genre – Fortnite. It is currently one of the most famous multiplayer online games. This success is quite simple to explain: gamers are attracted by the unique combat mode, bright graphics, and sophisticated physics. It’s possible to start battles completely free of charge. In this article, we have prepared a list of fascinating facts about the game.

Boosting services

The need for boosting a game rises as it becomes popular. The availability of the fortnite boosting service attracts new players even more since experienced players assist them with leveling up, completing challenging content, and coaching. Playing the game is considerably more enjoyable when assistance is available. Due to its fast-paced action, Fortnite has a steep learning curve for novice players. The game calls for rapid thinking and effective building techniques. The building features of the game, which require players to create structures on the spot, increase the complexity level. This can be challenging for novices.

A unique concept

As part of the main plot, the developers tried to tell the story of an amazing world where almost the entire human population disappeared. The few people who managed to survive are under great threat from zombies. The players are among the lucky ones who continue to fight for their lives. They are required to perform amazing tasks to escape.

Attention to every aspect

Epic Games employees first announced Fortnite back in 2011. The testing period was delayed, and the release was postponed to 2017. At first, only those who paid for early access could receive the login key. After some time, a free Royale mode appeared, guaranteeing a huge success for the video game.

Instant success

Even before Fortnite's official release, approximately 500,000 users had pre-ordered it. A month later, this figure doubled. At the moment, about 3.5 million guys and girls are logging into the game at the same time. She also occupies a leading position in (a video streaming service where anyone can watch other people play live).

The secret of popularity

At first, the developers did not think about adding a survival battle mode. Initially, it was a game where gamers were exclusively concerned with collecting resources and confronting opponents at night. Thus, computer mobs became the main opponent for players. Everything changed after the lightning success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Fortnite added a Battle Royale mode, in which the player had to defeat all competitors and remain the last one standing.

Features of the gameplay

The gameplay of Fortnite Battle Royale is considered unique. 100 people simultaneously take to the battlefield alone or unite in squads to achieve the only goal - to be the last one alive. The gamer gets on an amazing bus and then skydives over a colorful map. He must then scan the area and find certain resources to survive. The safe area on the map is constantly shrinking, forcing players to move around. If you want to take first place, then go to a secluded place.

Support for other platforms

Epic Games employees announced in March 2018 that players would be able to play Fortnite Battle Royale against each other on different platforms. This feature is truly unique because only a few video games can boast of such a feature. Want to be the last one alive on the island, but don't have a powerful PC, PlayStation, or Xbox One? This problem is very easy to solve. The client is also available on Android and iOS mobile platforms. Gamers who use such devices donated more than a million dollars to the game in the first three days. This fact is truly surprising since it is possible to win here even without additional financial investments.

Star game

On March 14, 2018, popular streamer Ninja (Tyler Blevins) played Fortnite Battle Royale on Twitch. This broadcast has become legendary! The number of spectators grew quickly, as the player was accompanied by several famous personalities. Drake14 and Travis Scott, as well as Pittsburgh Steelers American football player JuJu Smith-Schuster, competed for victory on the streamer's team. Over 628,000 people watched the foursome fight, setting a viewership record for any Twitch channel. As part of the broadcast, rapper Drake said that this game is helping the rapper record a new album. After all, it’s very difficult to be in the studio continuously for 20 hours. The celebrity mentally relaxes and unwinds when playing Fortnite or watching popular streamers play. Such a break helps him recharge his batteries so that he can engage in creativity with renewed vigor.

Impact on big-time sports

Fortnite is gradually penetrating all areas of life. A couple of months ago, New York Knicks NBA player Josh Hart decided to pay tribute to one of his favorite games. He put on unique sneakers, which featured his in-game avatar from the game universe and his initials. This Nike shoe was designed by popular designer Salvador Amezua.


Well, lastly, it is important to remember that winning the next game will be much more difficult if you do not listen carefully to your opponents. In close combat, not only manual dexterity is very important. You will notice the enemy much earlier if you hear his movements. A unique sound is produced by the opening of a door, the fast running of a hero, and even the choice of weapons. Remember to remain quiet so that you are not discovered ahead of time.

All this has contributed to the fact that the game Fortnite has become incredibly popular among gamers. More and more new players are starting to play it, increasing its rating.

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