What are casino games with the best odds?

Going to the Casino should be to play casino games and win. Whether you play for fun or to fatten your bank account, you should have a plan and know what types of games to play to increase your winning edge. If you are playing to win, pay attention to this piece.

In all casinos, the edge tilts in the house’s favour, but you can improve your chances of winning by finding out which games give you better odds of beating the Casino. Follow along as we reveal the best games that increase the odds in your favour to win.

Two Casino Games with The Best Odds

Although most people are attracted to the flashing lights and bells in a casino and dive straight for Slots games. Shane Hennessey which is a senior casino games tester at betinireland.ie suggested during a recent podcast about online slots that “you would have the best chance of winning when you play a table game.

You should know that the latter appears trickier to play than slots but playing a table game will give you a better chance of beating the Casino. Eager to learn which games tilts the odds in your favour, let us explore the games.”


Blackjack is a popular casino card game that is simple to play. It gives you high odds of winning that is about 49%. The game lets you play against the Dealer, and the odds of winning are fair. But if you are an average player without any strategy, the odds against you will be higher.

Many players can join in to play against the Dealer, so you are not playing against fellow players. All of you are attempting to beat The House represented by the Dealer.

How it works out is that the person with a hand that is close to 21 without being broke wins the game. Casino representatives rely on skill and luck to beat you. Therefore, the odds are balanced.

If you are a beginner, learn how-to-play Blackjack professionally by getting the basic Blackjack strategy.


Craps is a table game a player use dice to play. In most Craps tables, the Casino edge remains on the amount you bet. Also, the higher you bet, the lower house odds. To start the game, players bets on the outcome of the dice that a Shooter (Dealer) must throw. Here is how the game operates.

When the Shooter throws the dice the first time, it is called “coming out.” However, for the Dealer to win, the dice must show either a 7 or 11. If the Shooter throws another number, that number is called the “point.” To win, the Dealer must hit the “point” before tossing the number 7.

The easiest bet you can make is to bet on whether the Shooter will win or lose as he throws the dice. You can place another bet on whether the Dealer will hit any other number before getting the number 7.

To increase your chances of getting a higher pay out, you can make exact wagers. Doing so will lower your odds of winning and increase the amount you can receive or pay out if you guessed right. You can also place a “pass line wager.” That wager means betting on whether the Dealer will win or not, and the odds against you are about 50/50.

Increase your proficiency, learn more from this Crap playing guide.

Top Games to Play Without Much Experience

Roulette increases your possibility of winning and does not require expert skill to win. The three-card poker is new, but you have a fair chance too.


Roulette is a wheel game having 38 numbers. To play Roulette, a Dealer called a Croupier spins the wheel. The game has a green-coloured number labelled with a single zero (0) for European Roulette, plus red and black numbers ranging from 1 to 36.

If you play American Roulette, it has double zero (00) and in the colour green. However, most online casinos offer both European and American Roulette and Live Dealer Games. Players believe you have better odds playing European Roulette because it has a single 0.

The Casino agent spins the wheels, and the balls inside the wheel rotate and fall on any of the numbers. To play the game, first, you place your bets. Though there are several methods, you can start by betting that the ball will fall on a red or black number.

The odds in that bet are about 50/50 due to the green 0 or 00 pieces, for either European or American Roulette. To increase the amount, you stand to receive or pay out and lower the odds against you winning, bet on exact numbers or series of numbers such as 11 to 22 or 2 to 19.

You do not need skill to win. So, play Roulette and develop more ability. Get more Roulette playing strategy.

Three Card Poker

The Three Card poker is a spinoff casino game from Poker. It is new in most Casinos but spreading fast because it offers players many betting opportunities.

Also, Players play it because it does not require so much concentration. The rule is that if the Dealer Wins, the player will lose his total bet.

If a player wins, they will win some money on their Play and raise their stake. The player has about a 44.91% chance of winning while the Dealer has 55.03% odds of winning.

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