Best Multiplayer Experiences in Gaming

Gaming has become a worldwide phenomenon, an incredible feat giving the reception the industry initially had. Despite being a relatively young industry compared to some other giants in entertainment, it has grown incredibly since the first video games were released to the public. Nearly half of the population of the world are gamers, which is indicative of how much they have been embraced by the public.

There are many types of games, but most of them regardless of genre can be split into one of two groups: singleplayer and multiplayer. While single-player games certainly offer some impressive narratives and incredible worlds to players, they fail to capture the pure fun that can arise when playing games with friends. Ask any gamer what their most memorable gaming moment is, and they are liable to reply with something that happened when playing with friends. When activities are done socially, they are much more memorable than doing things alone, and the same is true when it comes to video games.

The recent lockdowns the pandemic caused meant that people had to enjoy things that were accessible from the home. For some, this meant gambling at casino sites like what can be found here at, though for many more people, it meant playing games online with friends. Coming out of this landscape, people might have fallen in love with the multiplayer experience, and so here are some of the best offerings to play with friends.

Warzone – This entry became very popular over the pandemic as it was a free-to-play game that appealed to players of most ages. The fact that it is a spin-off from the Call of Duty brand, a well-respected name in the industry meant that scores of people downloaded and played it over the last year. Fans of the battle royale model will feel at home with Warzone as it pits players against each other to become the king of the lobby.

FIFA 21 – This is one that most people would have heard of, even the non-gamers among us. It is essentially a football simulator game, so fans of the sport will enjoy some of the satisfying gameplay it offers. While players can play against their friends, the Pro Clubs mode is the standout feature as a whole group of friends can create their own club and work together to beat other player-created clubs on the pitch.

Rocket League – This is another free-to-play game that has seen a rise in players since it dropped its price tag to zero last year. It is hard to name another game that offers players the same intense fun and chaotic situations that can arise in this explosive entry. Those who like football and FIFA might surprisingly find themselves enjoying this game as players are expected to get goals – by using a rocket-powered car.

There are many more multiplayer experiences that can lead to hours of fun with friends, but the ones mentioned here represent some of the best of them, and players who are searching for a great multiplayer game to play with their friends would do well to choose any one of them.

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