The best characters in Multiversus: who are and why

The most important factor in choosing a character to play is its simplicity and function. These points determine the general value of a hero in the game. That’s why Mobalytics tried its best to make the rating and find the best character in Multiversus. They considered some of the most significant aspects the players pay attention to when choosing the one to use in a battle. This short analysis and other additional information you will find by the link above.

Multiversus – the gist of the game

Multiversus is a game that was launched in July 2022 by Warner Bros. They released the game as they own most characters that appear in the game. The gameplay is based on battle competitions in two modes – one-on-one or fights in pairs. Such a division allows for more diversity in the gameplay regarding a relatively limited “assortment” of characters. According to the tendencies and necessities of co-op modes, the heroes have different functions. 

The key feature of this game is that you can enjoy the variety of favorite heroes using them to compete in battles. You can watch how the developers turned their capacities into the gameplay context, and enjoy the balance they managed to save.

The classification of characters

As we mentioned above, there are three classifications the Mobalytics refers to. The most significant is the general estimation of how well the peculiarities of every character are combined and harmonized. According to these criteria, the characters are divided into 5 tiers:

  • S+ – the best of the best, but still only Bugs Bunny reached this level;
  • S – have a little worse performance but are still brilliant;
  • A – the tier has the largest number of all the characters, and even though they belong to the same tier, there is still a gradation from those better ones to those worse;
  • B – are worse than the characters of A tier, but still, keep one step above the bottom;
  • C – the worst in the game as gives the least opportunities and has barely improvable potential.

Except for this rate, there are also typologies describing the role on the battleground and indicating the difficulty of operation. There are five types of heroes you can compose your team of:

  • bruisers – are mostly an intuitive category to handle;
  • tank – have nothing exceptional to deal with;
  • support – are mostly difficult to use;
  • assassin – can be easy, average, or hard depending on what character you prefer;
  • mage – cannot be easy to handle, so is the top function to perform.

These classifications are to make it easier for you to figure out how to play and have pleasure. 

After reading a more detailed description in the blog article of, you can get the clearest understanding of how to build your game sessions to make them the most fascinating for all the participants. Well, even if you’re not a fan of reading analytics, this will bother you as the article is pretty brief. Anyway, if you are fond of playing computer games, you will find many interesting things to learn on Mobalytics. 

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