ESports Betting: Tips On How To Increase Your Chances Of Winning

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Esports betting is a widespread practice among millennials today. Esports itself is a form of sport competition that is based on video games. These games take the form of organized multiplayer video game competitions. They are available on consoles and PCs.

Esports betting is not much different from other forms of betting. Thus, like every betting endeavor, it comes with its probabilities. However, regardless of these probabilities, some tips can increase your odds of winning esports bets. These are:

  • Be a Game Player Yourself

It is a fact that most bets have some degree of probability. However, betting odds are more in a person’s favor if they are game players. Playing the game might not be very realistic with physical sports because they require a greater skill to get on. With esports, it’s much easier.

Playing the game gives you hands-on experience in how the games are played. Thus, this step should be a prerequisite to betting on any esports games. This goes beyond just playing the game for fun, try achieving pro levels before placing your bets. It helps you to stay competitive in your betting and improves your overall game intelligence.

  • Venture into Team Analysis

Endeavor to carry out a proper team analysis before placing your bet on one. Look critically into the profiles of individual players in a team. Carry out such analysis before each tournament or match begins.

Ensure to place your bet on a player or team whose track record is more impressive. Other things to look out for are the team’s match history, team players’ availability, and the opponent’s current form,

  • Spread Your Odds on Various Platforms

There are several esports betting sites, such as or It is only right to take advantage of these options to ensure that you don’t get restricted to a single one. By having accounts on several platforms, you have access to multiple esports based statistics. In these statistics, you can find team rankings, past tournament results, and team form guides.

Also, with multiple accounts, you can practice arbitrage. Arbitrage is the system where you place bets on either side of an esports match. It is a system that ensures you are a winner every time, albeit small. Arbitrage is better to practice on a cross-platform basis instead of on the same platform. This is due to a higher likelihood of being spotted when you do this on the same platform.

  • Have a Betting Plan

Betting plans are associated with the financial aspect of your betting. Two features that you need for your betting plan to be effective are:

  • Betting Budget: A betting budget should be fixed. It could be a percentage of your monthly income or a fixed amount over a period. Anytime that amount is expended, that should be all for betting at that time. Also, your betting budget should be an amount you can lose. This helps you to bet with an open mind rather than a desperate one.
  • Staking Plan: A staking plan is a strategy you put in place that determines how much is going into all your bets per time. A staking plan could also be extended to how many bets you would be placing daily.

The purpose of your betting plan serves to ensure that you assume a more analytical approach. With it, you can be better composed in your betting and even cut your losses where it is necessary.

  • Make Use of Betting Models

Betting models are proven systems that are known to deliver winning results. There are several betting models online; some are free while some are paid. It is also possible to come up with your personalized betting models. It is only after you have created a track record that you can determine whether your model is successful. Until you have a proven model, do not rely on it entirely.

Also, betting strategies are often restricted to specific gaming markets meaning they don’t work for all cases. Thus, it is essential to develop or have access to as many of them as possible. If a strategy isn’t working in a specific gaming market now, then it wouldn’t be so hard to switch back and forth between those spaces.

  • Think Long Term

Many players land on the esports betting scene with a big win mentality. While it has worked for a few people, it often does not work that way. Such a ‘hit big’ mentality is likely to fuel desperation. The desperation, in turn, pushes the punter to make poorly informed decisions.

A long term thinker celebrates his little wins. Not only that, but he is also able to make proper analysis even with a working model. You will also be able to make informed decisions based on what you learn from a long-term betting mindset.


There might probably never be a way to eliminate the probability of loss in sports betting. However, you can ensure your wins are more than your losses by playing the game.

Carry out some team analysis before placing a bet. Consider placing bets on different platforms and on either side of your bet to ensure small wins. Bet with a financial plan in place to mitigate losses.

Proven betting models can ensure you win as many bets as possible. Lastly, it would be best to tailor your betting mentality for the long term to avoid undue desperation.

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