The bottleneck of Path of Exile Currency System

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RPG players got used to the traditional money-based system which means several centralized currencies and one premium. Such could be gold, silver, copper and platinum. They are easily exchanged and understandable in use. Breaking the stereotype, the Path of Exile game has no gold at all. POE currency includes 31 orbs, some scrolls, several shards, etc. which could be used as money but also have their own function in the game.

Have a look at the example:

Chaos Orb is an item which is applied to reroll random mods on rare equipment. But it is also one of the most common POE currencies which help players to trade. So, if a gamer wants to buy a piece of armor, they cannot do it for some exact amount of gold. But they can pay with either for 300, 000 Chaos Orbs or 350 Exalted orbs or 1 Mirror of Kalandra.

The price for POE currency items depends on two R conditions: ratio and rarity. 

The first one helps compare items, showing the number of times one is contained within the other. In Path of Exile game items have no exact value, they rather have an approximate price set by other players in the game. For example, if you want to buy such POE currency as Exalted Orb for Chaos Orbs, the ratio could be 1 Exalted Orb for from 80 to 145 or even more Chaos Orbs. On the one hand, the fact that POE currency is not a simple coin system is the essence of the game. It makes the game more engaging, standing out from others, and developing analytical, resource counting and strategic thinking skills. Moreover, a mature gamer can benefit a lot from trading POE currency. On the other hand, it can be quite messy, mislead and discourage especially a newbie.

Fortunately, Path of Exile industry is not limited by the game economy only. A player can buy POE currency items on the website at a fixed price for real money. Consequently, if a player gets confused what the ratio for this or that item is, they can check it at the resource.

Take a glance at one more example: the same Chaos Orb we mentioned above is offered at the store for $0,006 and Exalted Orb costs $0,57 which makes the ratio between the items 95. It is obvious that the price is really logical and attractive.

Rarity is the second condition which influences the price for POE currency items. It means how rare is a chance for dropping it while farming. There are cheap, valuable and expensive ones. While playing the game, players apply farming, delving, mapping, trading or other methods to obtain POE currency. Cheap items like Chaos orbs are quite easy to get, valuable ones like Exalted orbs require more luck and time commitment and expensive currency like Mirror of Kalandra is really very rare to meet in the game. They say that it drops every 200*72 hours of gameplay. No matter how rare the item is, it is always available on the Gaming4ez store and can be delivered from several minutes to some hours. Say, in the game, a player can look for another one to trade currency for days or even weeks. Furthermore, the online resource involves an experienced customer support team who can assist players at any time of the day.

In a nutshell, the POE currency system is untypical and complicated but possible to understand. Playing the game for the first time, try to obtain as many items as possible and collect them. Since you decide on your own strategy, you will know what additional currency items you need. When you have a clear understanding of what item you require, you can buy the poe currency from other players. If you get confused in item rarity or ratio, visit website to receive the answers to all your questions.

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