Path of Exile: The Top Solo Class Builds

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Path of Exile is an action RPG with procedurally generated maps, offering unlimited replayability. The game has gained immense popularity and a loyal fan base for its vast universe, constantly expanding with new content like capturing beasts, brutal Archnemesis League, and more end-game content. If you are planning a solo League run, a good build guide is essential.

Each build has its strengths and weaknesses, which players need to consider before choosing. As players progress through the game, they need PoE Currency and a strong PoE account to tackle new challenges and bosses.

In this article, we bring you some of the most powerful Path of Exile solo class builds to tackle any end-game boss or instance.

Why Solo Class Builds Matter in Path of Exile

In a world filled with FPS and BR-style titles, Action-RPGs have steadily grown in popularity. Path of Exile is one of the best examples of the genre, offering players plenty of options when choosing a weapon. Unlike FPS and BR games that require specific "meta builds" to come out on top, Path of Exile provides endless build possibilities. Solo class builds matter because they offer players a chance to experience the game's best content without relying on anyone else. With each new expansion, players require more builds to tackle new end-game bosses and instances, and this article provides just that.

The Best Path of Exile Solo Class Builds

  1. Storm Brand Templar

The Storm Brand Templar is a great league starter-friendly build that offers a strong defense while dealing decent damage. The Brand class is excellent at resisting most damage types, allowing players to focus on maxing out their Life, Mana, and Crit stats. The only downside of this solo build is that it won't do too well on maps with the Elemental Reflect Modification, which can potentially one-shot the character.

  1. Ice Shot Mage

The Ice Shot Mage is an excellent class build for players that enjoy clearing hordes of enemies with a click of a button. It has great clear speed and is a cheap beginner build. However, players will find it challenging to min-max their stats toward the end game because the build relies on multiple stats (Elemental Damage, Critical Chance/Damage, and Mana). Nonetheless, the Ice Shot Mage is still worthy of being counted among some of the best Path of Exile class builds.

  1. Impale Slayer

The Impale Slayer is a melee-focused build that deals high damage, making it viable for end-game content. Cyclone skill, one of the best mob clearing abilities in Path of Exile, creates a mobile damaging aura. And since players will build this class with the Impale debuff, they'll be able to damage enemies a second time for 10% of their overall damage. However, this solo class build is squishy, meaning players must learn how to dodge and manage their consumables.

  1. Tectonic Slam Chieftain

The Tectonic Slam Chieftain is a solo class build with one of Path of Exile's best AOE damage outputs. It creates fissures across a large area, which can easily destroy lower-tier mobs. The build has high HP and defense, making it an excellent choice for players looking to tackle end-game content. However, players will find that boss fights can take longer than usual, and the build has low single-target damage.

Why You Should Try These Path of Exile Solo Class Builds

Path of Exile is a challenging game that requires careful planning and strategy to succeed. The solo class builds mentioned in this article are powerful and can help you tackle any end-game content. They offer great defense, high damage, and AOE capabilities, allowing you to have an easier time battling through the game. Additionally, trying out different solo class builds can add more variety and excitement to your gameplay experience in Path of Exile. Each class has its own unique playstyle and strengths, so experimenting with different builds can help you find your favorite one and make your gaming sessions more engaging.

However, it's important to keep in mind that no single build is perfect and each has its own limitations. You may encounter situations where certain builds are not effective, or where you need to make adjustments to optimize your performance. As such, it's recommended that you do some research and experiment with different playstyles to find the one that suits you best.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, solo class builds are a great way to tackle Path of Exile's challenging end-game content. They offer powerful defense, high damage output, and unique playstyles that can make your gaming experience more enjoyable. So, try out different builds and find the one that suits your playstyle the most, and remember to have fun while playing!

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