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Building bases and then securing them is a big part of Rust. Bases serve a lot of purposes. First of all they keep you safe, or maybe I should rather say - safer than you’d be without the walls that surround you. They can also serve as a storage place for all the goods and supplies that you will find or craft on your way. Here are some Rust base building tips:


  • Base foundations will help to even the terrain so that your building can be to your liking.
  • Foundation steps are there for a reason. Use them.
  • You don’t want to leave a tight gap in between your structures when building something. Such gaps work almost as good as the ladders would for people who will be willing to raid your building.
  • Sheet metal is a very durable material. Armored foundations are better, of course, but the expenses required to make them are ridiculous
  • One doors are not enough to keep your base safe. You want to have a double door protection to your base, since you may be killed with one door open and then lose everything to the looters.
  • Once you have enough metal, it’s smart to upgrade your ceilings to metal. However, if you don't have enough metal, stones could be used.
  • Soft sides of wood and stone walls are very easy to destroy with hand tools. Metal is better in any case.
  • If you don't want anyone jumping right into your base, build it at least two stories high.
  • Windows don’t go into the first floor walls. Seriously, don’t put them there. Windows are an easy target, and wont hold off the looters and raiders.
  • Metal barricades are the best. They are really hard to destroy. Unlike wooden or wooden with barbed wire barricades, that can be both destroyed by one person with enough time and hand tools.


Check out the video if you want some more in-depth Rust building tips. 

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