The Popularity of Gambling in Scandinavia

The Scandinavians love for gambling has been persistent throughout the years. Whether it’s online or offline, they tend to enjoy their games thoroughly. However, over the past few years, the gambling in these Scandinavian regions (Norway, Sweden and Denmark) has considerably increased.

Some claim that while the population loved to gamble in their land-based casinos, it is hard for them to step out of their homes during the winters to visit these establishments. Hence, online casinos come to their rescue.

Currently, the region is widely known to use online gambling for entertainment. Let’s know more about how online casinos grew to their popularity in the Scandinavia.

What drives the Scandinavians to gamble online?

There are various reasons for the love of online gambling among Scandinavians. These include:

Better Life Quality

The quality of life among the Scandinavian people is considerably high. Statistics show that the life quality rank of the Norwegian people stands to 4th in the entire world. Moreover, the average pay of people in this region is above €4,000. So, it is understandable that with that amount of finance, the population has the privilege to gamble.

Witnessing Winnings

Some of the players from these regions earned awesome jackpots through casino gaming. It was in 2012, a banker from Sweden made a whopping €7.6 million by playing the slot game. In 2014, another gambler, also from Sweden, earned a massive €5.2 million on Mega Fortunes game. These incidents obviously encouraged other Scandinavia citizens to take up and explore online gambling.

Gambling Laws

Online gambling in these regions is regulated by some amazing gambling laws. Although these laws are stringent in certain ways, they also offer security for the punters to gamble confidently.

Moreover, the online casinos in these regions ask for only your email id to sign up in the beginning. Not much of your information is required to share in the initial stages of online gambling.

Taxing Benefits

There are several countries which tax players winnings earned through online gambling. However, that is not the case in the Scandinavia. Players get to keep all their winnings without having to pay tax on any amount that is being won.

Good Collection of Casino Games and Bonuses

Currently, it is common for online casinos to offer a good collection of games in general. But the casinos also know and target the regions where there is much demand. Also, to boost their profits and user traffic, they also offer lovely bonuses. These bonuses not only encourage punters to sign up at the online casinos but also retain them on the platform for the long run.

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Future Scope of Gambling in Scandinavia

The Scandinavian nations are trying to maintain a monopoly over the gambling market in their regions as of now. However, the EU laws encourage it to make it more liberalised allowing different operators to enter the field to make business.

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