Stardew Valley Egg Hunt

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Egg Hunt is the main event of the Egg Festival that is the biggest Stardew Valley event in Spring. All those who want to participate will have to enter Pelican Town Square on the 13th of Spring anywhere between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Egg Hunt will start once you talk to mayor Lewis and inform him that you are ready to begin. If you want to talk to other people do it before the Egg Hunt, because you will be sent home right after it finishes and the winner is announced by Lewis. The purpose of Egg Hunt is simple - find the colored eggs (not really unexpected, huh?).

These small colored eggs are scattered around Pelican Town. You will have limited time (50 seconds) to collect as many eggs as you can. In order to win the Egg Hunt you have to collect at least 9 colored eggs. You can go for more, of course, but nine eggs are enough to win the event. If you manage to win the Egg Hunt event you will be awarded with the Straw Hat the first time you win. If you have already won Egg Hunts in the past you will get 1 000 g reward.

The Egg Festival is not only interesting because of the Egg Hunt but also there is a stand where you can purchase Strawberry seeds (they are really profitable) and a Plush Bunny (this one has no other purpose except of being a cute addition to your home).

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