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A lot of players are sitting in their chairs, thinking. Okay, I made it through some galaxies, explored planets, survived on harshest environments, what is there more to do in No man’s sky? Luckily for you, this is the right article. For new players this will also be a great tool to use in order to know and understand what can be done in the game in order to have the most fun.

The list:

For new players

  • Get familiar with the items and things in-game. Read all of our No man’s sky articles, here in gamespedition and the review to find out what spaceships, features and quirks can be explored in order to fully master No man’s sky.
  • Purchase a Since its release, managing your inventory has been a hard thing to do in No man’s sky. You never have enough inventory slots for your demand. This obstacle can be fixed with a freighter ship. In our spaceships article we explain the best pros and most notable cons of freighter ships.
  • Build and perfect your base. This is a process that requires a few steps. Find a base that has been abandoned and continue the process. Place any things that are available, mess around with the setups and feel free to explore the seemingly endless possibilities.
  • We suggest finding the first fertile and lush planet in No man’s sky and claiming it as your home. You can set base there.

For experienced players

  • Sell Atlas stone. This item has a cloud of mystery surrounding it and properly related to the name, you get it from The Atlas after encountering them. A merchant with an intent to buy it will not spare any cash to buy it. Very quick and fun way to make money fast.
  • Get your things back. Bad things might happen and you can die in No Man’s sky. Frankly enough, if you return to the point where you died, the player can collect the items he or she lost.
  • Be careful. This isn’t a thing to do, this is rather a tip of what not to do. In order to stay safe and don’t become a fool – prevent ant stop yourself from entering random ships. Only transfer your items and things if you’re 100% positive about the vessel.
  • Avoid space pirates. Sure, some encounters are inevitable, but doing countless face to face combats with them will just damage your ship and create danger. No man’s sky is about survival, not winning battles against pirates.
  • Blow up steel doors.

Well, we know this isn’t a world-changing set of tips, but they will surely help you get on the right path to either upstart or rejuvenate your experience in No man’s sky. Things to do besides exploration can involve getting with a couple of friends and playing all together or just creating something that you always wanted. In No man’s sky, it’s really up to you.

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