What happened to no man's sky?

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In 2016, expectations for No man’s sky were soaring through the roof. The developers went on TV talk shows, they were featured pretty much everywhere, attended media events and promised gamers and fans all around the world an experience for the ages. Endless exploration, true to the universe itself scales of size and many great and features that were unheard before. No man’s sky set out to be the greatest game to date by talking about things that every kid/teen and even adult would dream of being able to do on his or hers computer. But on August 9th, 2016, those dreams were shattered.

So what happened to NMS?

To be completely honest, you can see our review for some more information, but what happened was the developers fell short on their promises. The scale was greatly reduced from the one promised. Variety wasn’t even 1/3 of the one promised, half of the features developers bragged about were nowhere to be seen, servers lagged, framerate issues, bugs, glitches and other disasters, diseases and lies covered the name: No man’s sky.

One of the worst cases of the developers being caught in their lies was when two streamers met up in-game on launch day, completely by accident. You might say, “on a multiplayer game, that’s common”, sure, if the developers don’t go on TV, promising you that there’s such a low chance of running in to someone that they deny it can happen for years to come. Of course, chances are always there, but on launch day, come on… No man’s sky promised to be the next step in video games. Like GTA 3, which took 2D in to 3D and made an open-world concept as popular as ever, like Call of Duty, Battlefield who made online gaming as big as single-player, League of Legends, DoTA, Counter-Strike which made gaming in to a sport, NMS promised to be that next big thing. It should’ve been a step where games become like the universe, ever expanding and never-ending.

Those obstacles of not being the revolution, can be over-looked, but the mechanics of the game were flawed and not as expected. You were given a very shallow RPG mechanic to improve your items and survive. The conditions and skill required to survive didn’t give much of a challenge and the environment was very lacking in variety. Planets looked the same after you visited a few of them. These issues were highlighted by numerous Youtube videos, rants, articles, critical reviews and many more sources of information written by the consumers who were lured in to buying this game.

Although, after the update 1.3 NMS has become more of what it should’ve been in the first place, it’s still miles away from what we were given to expect. The universe of a few planet archetypes and shallow schemes is very large, but extremely monotonous in such a dizzying way that it can get boring after not even diving in to the game. The worst thing is that you feel alone in this game, there’s nothing to do. Being alone wouldn’t be bad if there was a motivation to explore, but now the only motivation is to turn on a different game.

So this is what really happened to No man’s sky. Hope you enjoyed. Cheers!

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