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Life is Strange is a slow game and you do a lot of wandering around and have tons of opportunities to find interesting details there. However not everything is easy to notice. Life is Strange contains some easter eggs and secrets that you might have missed if you rushed through or didn’t pay much attention to one thing or another. For example, the webpage actually exists, you can check it out. Of course it’s extremely simple and all, but I think it’s a really nice perfectionist detail.

The game is also full of memes, and they are not really hard to find, so I think you have noticed these little details, however some things require specific actions to find out. And as it usually is with easter eggs, it’s completely accidental weather you find them or not.

The video will show you hidden details in the game, the secrets and easter eggs of Life is Strange.

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posted by Easter Egg
Friday, 10 March 2017 09:02

It's so nice to see how life is strange easter eggs indicate creators' perfectionism and attention to details. Gamers are very picky and having in mind that all these interesting Life is Strange eggs' locations are well hidden and "truly work" is a very good sign! Easter eggs are a great addition to the whole idea and make games very interesting, the same happens with life is strange easter eggs, which make the gamer especially happy after finding one! Thank you for a nice post, it's great to get some more pleasure from the game, even after finishing it, and come back to find some secrets. Actually, I wouldn't have found all Life is Strange easter eggs without your help!

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