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Everlasting Summer is a Russian visual novel which tells a story of another regular boy called Semyon. He is a loner who spends all the time near his computer. But one day Semyon decides to meet his college mates, takes a bus and travels to the past! The main part of the game takes action in Soviet pioneer camp where you playing as Semyon should interact with various NPCs, mainly girls. Endings are really diverse as you can unlock 13 different finals!

In the article with the title «Everlasting Summer: Guide» you can read about gameplay, routes of different characters, endings and even more. There are several sections, some with significant spoilers. According to this fact, we created this walkthrough completely without spoilers. If you want to enjoy the entire story without hints be sure to read this article before checking our complete guide mentioned above.

So far as this article is a walkthrough, you have to be ready for some reveals. Try to read each paragraph only after reaching an appropriate day in the game.

Game’s logic

As you can understand from the game’s genre, it has simple gameplay. A lot of texts, backgrounds, and models of characters are divided by plot choices where you have to select specific phrases in dialogues. Also, there are choices on the map of pioneer camp and some crucial actions near the end.

If you want to beat the game without spoilers try to understand its logic. To unlock certain final you have to earn enough points with a certain girl. Normally, choices in dialogues are obvious, you only have to talk more with the desired girl and spend more time with her. But some options are pretty strange so don’t worry if you get another ending.

Remember that 4 girls – Alisa, Lena, Slavya, and Ulyana – have both bad and good final. To reach the best one you have to earn maximum points, otherwise, you will face bad ending. There are also endings of Semyon which are available if you don’t have enough points with any girl. Finally, route of Miku activates only after finishing the game with any good ending. And only after collecting all good endings including Miku you can access the very last finals.

Long story short, your main goal is to complete each end. For that, you have to play 13 times, but keep calm. There is an option to skip events and dialogues that you have already seen. Most probably, you will get bad endings at first which means you should explore the game and find specific episodes with other choices. It’s really captivating!

Check advice which will help you during the story:

  • Choose one specific girl and focus on interactions with her ignoring others;
  • Certain choices can both increase score with one girl and decrease it with another;
  • Keep faith to gain the maximum amount of points from phrases and actions;
  • Alisa, Slavya, and Ulyana have similar good and bad endings;
  • There are only 2 places you can visit during the 4th day and only 1 – during the 5th day.

Let’s repeat! To reach certain final you should earn points with a certain character making correct choices through the game. Semyon endings require from you to become truly neutral without gaining points at all. Miku route is unique and there are no points at all as well as in last secret finals which are available only after completing good endings.

Hope, you get the main principles. Now we offer specific choices and hints for key days. This walkthrough is almost spoiler-free, so we want to describe only non-obvious events and choices. For the most detailed guide with spoilers be sure to check mentioned above article.

Day 1 and before

Your choices during starting dream are crucial for routes of Miku and final endings. The logic here is plain and we can reveal it without spoilers. Answers in favor of pioneer camp lead to special endings about unusual for Semyon universe. Respectively, answers in favor of regular life lead to Miku route. These choices are crucial for late game, but you can ignore them for first runs when your main goal is to unlock starting regular endings.

Day 2

Try to choose one girl and spend time with her in the camp. During the 2nd day, there will be some non-obvious choices. Map choices are not essential with a single exception: choosing of canteen will lead to meeting with Ulyana. Evidently, dialogue with her can grant some additional points, so it’s a good option if you want to unlock her endings.

Then, the 2nd day features card game. Rules here is similar to poker, but with some differences. A couple of pairs is more valuable than a single trio. Also, straight isn’t valid here. This tournament is pretty important for further events. After the first game, you can skip any part of the tournament. Try to win it at once to have all options for next games.

Some spoilers may be here, but we should include them as results of the tournament are not obvious. So we want to provide specific effects of each option:

  • Lose to any girl and choose the bus stop after the game to gain points for Slavya.
  • Lose to Lena and choose the sports field to gain points for Lena.
  • Lost to Ulyana and choose the stage to gain points for Ulyana.
  • Win from Alisa to gain points for Alisa.

Also, bet with Alisa if you want to increase points for her or don’t bet if you want to increase points for Lena. This choice is available right before the tournament.

Day 3

Here are some choices mainly between Ulyana and Slavya. Remember that choosing a phrase about «looking for the answers» will unlock options for both Ulyana and Slavya. But phrase about «take a look» leads to Alisa for sure. After that, you will get another dialogue with a choice between help and run. It’s obvious that lawful Slavya will give you points for helping and restless Ulyana will appreciate your runaway.

Day 4

Here is the most important choice for the entire game. Select wisely as you will get an ending of chosen girl. Note that you can only choose a character with enough points – not less than 6. Also, some girls can reject your invitation which means you made the wrong choice in the infirmary. During the last event of this day, you can unlock route with secret endings, but only if you already have all good finals. The game will focus on specific route from this moment.

Day 5 and after

This day can award you with additional points for Ulyana, just choose club house on the map. From the 5th day, you should choose every phrase and place even more wisely as here are main contrasts between good and bad endings for every girl. Also, unusual routes are pretty different from regular ones and you will understand it for sure.

Miku and secret endings

As we claimed above, first essential choices for these routes are during the prologue. There are also other choices during the game:

  • Day 1. Event with keys where you can take or leave them.
  • Day 2. Event with cards where you can go for them alone or with Slavya.
  • Day 3. Event with «looking for the answers» and helping pioneers from club house.
  • Day 4. Event with apple where you can eat or ignore it.

For both Miku and secret routes, you have to go in mine shaft alone. You will understand when unusual routes start. If everything is fine you have made the wrong choice somewhere or didn’t get all good endings.

Finally, there will be the last choice during the final secret route. There you can choose whether to proceed to the city or return. That’s the main choice for real ending as you can get completely different finals. Check «Everlasting Summer: Guide» or article with endings’ descriptions to discover more detailed information about this episode.

Excuse us for some minor spoilers! This walkthrough is the best for all who want to enjoy the game, but we literally cannot isolate you from spoilers at all. Hope, your interest in Everlasting Summer is still strong. Have a good game!

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