Action games

Action games are fast-paced and require good hand-eye coordination, since you must react quickly to any changes and provocations in the game. Fast reflexes and skills are something that is a must when playing an action game.

Usually action games have similar mechanics. In most cases you will have to go from one level to another facing enemies and challenges that will gradually become more and more complicated to beat. You are likely to encounter a boss or a miniboss once in a while and engage in even more challenging fight that will require more skill and strength to beat. Every fail in the game takes away lives or lowers health, or induces death straight away.

Some action game may require other skills to beat the level. Sometimes you can encounter some puzzles, races, collectables and other challenges, but that is not the axis of the action genre.

The main goal of action games is usually easy to understand, not always easy to reach though. At the end usually a tough boss is waiting for you to make the experience extra challenging.

Action games include different sub genres like: platform games, shooter games, fighting and beat ‘em ups, stealth games, open world games, and Hack and Slash. Each of them will result in a bit different gameplay and game aspect.



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