Star Sonata 2 (0)

Star Sonata 2
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Landauer Games


Star Sonata 2 is a new client, made from the original Star Sonata. The main differences are new 3D graphics and a new interface.


Star Sonata 2 features multiple ways of progressing a player's character through the game, from fighting AI to completing missions for various Terran and alien factions around the universe.

Ships and Gear

Porpoise defeating a Basil pirate

Whether to fight AI or players, transport commodities or move station gear around a player can build one or more ships to suit the needs of many situations. They can also use different gear and items for different ways of combating the enemies they encounter during their journeys. The player may choose the default style of killing enemy ships, using basic ship weaponry. With enough time however, the player can purchase or gather enough gear and items to use different methods of combat, such as fighter craft and missiles or deploying temporary drones, which are offensive/defensive platforms that either stay in place or follow the player.


While being able to earn credits and find special items from destroying enemy ships, the player also has the ability to construct space stations, free standing or attached to planets or moons. This allows them to extract resources and create trade networks with bots, create colonies to sell resources to, or simply a location to sell items to other players.

Stations can be attacked by AI as well as players in Player vs Player enabled areas. To keep a station alive, a player can improve its gear and augmenters, as well as deploy permanent drones to either attack enemies or heal allies. Permanent drones act as either stationary or attached defensive installations and differ from the temporary drones a player can deploy.

Unless destroyed by other players or AI, stations will remain until a universe reset. The universe resets after 4 months on average, rescrambling the map and removing any stations and permanent drones that have not been packed. This creates new opportunities for resource extraction and conflict between teams over territory.